Pokimane has a savage reply to 100 Thieves x OTV buyout rumors

Virginia Glaze

100 Thieves might be adding quite a few stars to its roster as of late, but Twitch streamer Pokimane isn’t convinced the org can afford to buy out the cast of Offline TV.

100 Thieves and Offline TV are two of the biggest streaming organizations in the industry right now, alongside other groups like One True King and TSM.

Both have signed a wide cast of uber-popular broadcasters. 100 Thieves boasts the likes of Valkyrae, CouRage, and Nadeshot, while Offline TV has in its ranks Disguised Toast, Michael Reeves, and Pokimane.

In fact, both organizations have added to their members recently; 100 Thieves notably signed Will Neff earlier this month, while OTV took on QuarterJade, Sydeon, Masayoshi in its first expansion since 2019.

OTV at arcane premier
Members of OfflineTV were notably invited to stream at the premier Riot Games’ Arcane Netflix show.

Pokimane roasts rumors of OfflineTV buyout from 100 Thieves

With these growing numbers in mind, it stands to reason that some fans might be curious about a merger between the two groups — but according to Pokimane, this is out of the question, and even a bit hilarious.

During a November 23 Twitch stream, Pokimane read a comment from her chat aloud.

“100 Thieves bought OTV?” the commenter asked.

“Nah, they can only buy everybody around us,” Pokimane joked before breaking out into laughter over her scathing roast. “Not us!”

There’s no bad blood between OTV and 100 Thieves; Pokimane notably joined Valkyrae in promoting her very own merchandise line in September, and often hangs out with 100 T streamers for various projects.

However, Poki has been staunchly firm in her opinions on her streaming career in the past, having roasted YouTube as a competitive streaming platform over Twitch during Twitch’s earnings leak in October.

Pokimane sykkuno valkyrae merch
Pokimane helped model Valkyrae’s merch line in September.

For now, it looks like OTV is staying in their own camp… but there’s no telling which streamers might join them next.

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