What is OfflineTV? Meet the members of Twitch’s most popular friend group

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Whether part of a small friend group or a large entertainment organization, creators joining together to make content on a platform has been happening for years. OfflineTV is no exception, but who exactly is a part of Twitch’s most popular friend group?

What is OTV?

Since being founded in 2017, OfflineTV has continued to grow in popularity throughout the internet thanks to its Twitch streams and multiple YouTube channels, as well as members of the group creating content with people outside of the organization.

Originally made after co-founder William ‘Scarra’ Li was unsuccessful at creating a content house, he joined forces with his manager Chris Chan, as well as Moroccan-Canadian personality Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys to create the first iteration of OfflineTV.

Who is in OfflineTV?


scarra offline tv founder
Scarra and his manager Chris founded OfflineTV

William ‘Scarra’ Li is the co-founder of OfflineTV with his then manager Chris Chan. After leaving his professional League of Legends position with Team Dignitas, Li became a full-time Twitch streamer where he would continue focusing on League of Legends and its counter-part, Teamfight Tactics. Check out Scarra’s Twitch Channel.


Pokimane was one of the first four members of OfflineTV

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the first four members of the group. Anys is known for her Twitch streams and four YouTube channels, in which she showcases her trips with friends and her gaming experiences. Check out her Twitch Channel.


Lilypichu glasses
LilyPichu gained popularity via her original songs

Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki is known for her Twitch and YouTube channels where she shows off anything from vlogs and animations to her own original songs and piano covers. She gained her popularity in 2011 when she released a song titled “Ill quit LoL” which amassed over eight million views on her YouTube channel. Check out her Twitch Channel.

Lily has also made a name for herself in the voice acting industry with opportunities like voicing a character in the game MapleStory 2 and again in Genshin Impact.

Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast accidentally revealed his face in 2016 after years of hiding it behind a toast-shaped mask.

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang gained his popularity by streaming Hearthstone, a trading card game based on Activision-Blizzard’s Warcraft series. Wang got his alias from a card named SI:7 Agent, whose saying when played is “this guy’s toast,” which the creator thought sounded like “Disguised Toast.”

Before accidentally revealing his face in October 2016, he covered his face with a toast-shaped cardboard mask. Check out his YouTube channel.

Michael Reeves

Reeves has accrued over five million subscribers on YouTube.

Michael Reeves is a former software developer that has become popular for his comedic engineering videos and eccentric on-camera persona. He started his Twitch career in June 2020, where he games and shows off his insane technology projects.

Reeves is also currently in a relationship with fellow OfflineTV member, LilyPichu. Check out his Twitch Channel.


QuarterJade on Twitch
QuarterJade finally joined OTV in November 2021.

‘QuarterJade’, also known as Jodi, has shot up the Twitch ranks since her Twitch debut in 2017. Now sitting among the top women on the platform, she is known for her League of Legends and Valorant streams — as well as Just Chatting sessions with her chat. Her efforts got recognized by OTV in November 2021, becoming one of their three newest members.

She is also dating fellow OTV member Masayoshi. Check out her Twitch channel.


Sydeon looks at the camera in an Instagram picture
Sydeon is a popular streamer and cosplayer.

‘Sydeon’, real name Sydney, is one of Twitch’s biggest rising stars in 2021. She was a popular friend of OTV before she actually joined the group, having participated in their Among Us and Rust streams.

On top of her streams, Sydeon is also a mega-talented cosplayer. Check out her Twitch channel.


Masayoshi holding thumbs up
Masayoshi has been on the climb over the last two years on Twitch.

‘Masayoshi’, otherwise known as John, is a popular streamer much like the rest of OTV. While he was already popular for his Valorant and League of Legends streams dating back to 2013, he exploded during the Among Us meta.

He is also currently dating QuarterJade — which made the moment of them joining OTV together in November 2021 that much sweeter. Check out his Twitch channel.

While OfflineTV may not be the biggest content house on the internet, the friend group has been taking over their platforms with an insane combined reach of over 20 million subscribers and followers.

You can check out the OfflineTV YouTube channel for uploaded videos, as well as their Twitch channel for any group streams.

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