100 Thieves reveal Will Neff as new content creator with hilarious Hasan MK fight

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Will Neff has joined 100 Thieves as the company’s latest content creator and his reveal video showed what fans could be in for with a hilarious Mortal-Kombat-Miami-Vice-Flashdance tribute with best friend Hasan Piker.

100T added a jack-of-all-trades with writer, producer, and comedy content specialist, Will. He’s been collaborating with Nadeshot and CouRage in the last few months but now he’s an official member of the org.

“Will is an unparalleled creative force,” the company announced. “He brings his passion and humor to 100 Thieves as a content creator to tell new and untold stories alongside all of our favorite creators.”

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The Thieves said they couldn’t “wait to see what he makes” for the team and that could be a double-edged sword considering his debut video.

Will Neff joins 100 Thieves

Will went big for his announcement trailer with an epic tale of redemption and betrayal starring ‘Fear & Malding’ co-host and popular Twitch streamer, Hasan.

The action was brutal but maybe not as gory as Will wanted. Though the video was an end-to-end skit to hype up the news, it’s also a taster for the kind of content the new 100T YouTuber will be keen on making.

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To celebrate his signing, Will debuted a few mock movie posters that paid tribute to several of his fellow Thieves and could be a sign of future content to come.

100 Thieves bolster YouTube army

100 Thieves have steadily added to their list of YouTube creators.

Will Neff is the latest addition to a roster sheet that already includes the Austinshow, Fuslie, Neeko, Kyedae, TinaKitten and BrookeAB, just to name a few.

Signing Neff will also give 100T another strong creator for the rest of their productions and content teams.

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