Pokimane dishes out perfect roast for Twitch fan claiming she looks “chubby”

Isaac McIntyre
Pokimane grabs glasses on Twitch stream.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has reminded fans to think twice before trying to roast her mid-stream, bringing back a classic clip of a perfect clap back after a viewer claimed she was looking “kind of chubby.”

Pokimane is no stranger to Twitch fans trying to get a rise out of her, whether it be them claiming she doesn’t deserve her Valorant rank or professing their love.

In fact, as she’s risen to one of the biggest creators on the platform ⁠— Pokimane now boasts 8.4m followers ⁠— the 25-year-old has copped her fair share of over-eager Twitch fans trying to get their fifteen seconds of fame. That has now placed her firmly among the best on the site to deal with hecklers.

The Twitch star has given her fans a timely reminder they should think twice before sending mean or abusive messages recently too, after one viewer tried to ‘call out’ Pokimane over her weight.

They wrote: “Not to be mean, you look kind of chubby.”

Pokimane, ever the master of dealing with Twitch trolls, had a quick think about their message before landing an absolute haymaker of a witty response.

Pokimane dares Mizkif
The Twitch superstar had a few choice words for her latest Twitch troll.

The Moroccan-Canadian streamer puffed out her cheeks, looked directly into her Twitch camera, and then clapped back in response, both physically and verbally.

“Damn, this is my life?” the star immediately said in response, lacing sarcasm through her response. “Sitting here, having people pay to call me ‘chubby.’ I can’t tell if that’s a good thing. Does that say more about me, or about you?”

Then, Pokimane went on the offensive.

“I’ve never paid to tell anybody anything,” she said. “Are you into that sort of thing? You can tell me! We keep secrets here. I won’t tell no one… I don’t kink-shame!”

Pokimane didn’t see that perturbed by the Twitch troll, however. Pocketing their $2 donation just to roast them in front of thousands probably helped her laugh it off too.

The clip is actually an old one – but Pokimane reuploaded it to her 2nd channel on November 4.

She’s had far worse to worry about on-stream recently too, and more of her own making; late last week, the Twitch star nearly burned down her streaming setup while trying to fiddle with her background light. Everything worked out okay in the end ⁠— minus the lamp ⁠— but it was a close call.

Pokimane is also making moves outside Twitch too: on October 27 she unveiled her own company, a talent management and streaming brand consulting firm.

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