Pokimane lashes out at Twitch fans claiming she “got boosted” to lofty Valorant rank

Pokimane yells at Twitch haters next to Valorant agent Sage.Twitch: Pokimane / Riot Games

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has thrown daggers at a gaggle of her Twitch fans claiming she got carried to her incredible Valorant rank, dubbing any and all suggestions she isn’t worthy of making Immortal in Riot’s popular shooter “totally brain-dead.”

On September 19, the Twitch star hit Immortal in Valorant.

Pokimane’s incredible ranked achievement ⁠— which also marks a personal best for the streaming star ⁠— puts her in the top 0.4% of all Valorant ranked players, and confirms she’s still got the moves, and then some, when it comes to competitive gaming at the very highest levels.

There are those in the Twitch community not so convinced she earned her legendary Immortal status in the Riot Games shooter, however. Some fans have even started crying “carried”. Some are suggesting she shouldn’t be praised for reaching the rank because she allegedly had help from other, better players.

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Pokimane has dealt with Valorant trolls before, and this time was no different; the Twitch star went all-in on her haters, slamming their “brain-dead” claims.

Valorant ranks in Competitive matchmaking.Riot Games
Immortal is one Valorant rank shy of the title’s upper echelon, Radiant.

The most recent claims came on Twitter. There, a Twitch fan likened Pokimane’s Valorant grind to Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop’s trio-climb on Apex Legends last month. The viewer claimed it was “double standards” that the 100 Thieves star copped backlash for his rapid climb, while Pokimane was “praised” by fans.

Pokimane, of course, laughed off the “brain-dead” claims.

“Me, minding my business, playing solo queue, and duoing sometimes, like a normal gamer does, sometimes,” she then added on-stream. “Me, minding my business, streaming games, in Diamond, in Plat elo. Then I dead ass open Twitter, and here, this is the kind of brain-dead sh*t I see immediately.

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The Twitch star was less than impressed; after roasting the Valorant comment, she went to post a barbed reply too, writing “Who the f**k asked you?”

Twitch star faces constant Valorant doubt

This is far from the first time Pokimane has had her Valorant skills questioned either. Back in early February, the streaming queen forced a hater to deactivate their Twitter account after debunking their boosting claims.

“I’ve been playing Valorant since beta,” the Twitch streamer said. “I’ve hit Diamond rank numerous times, have three ranked accounts, [but] you clearly don’t know this because you don’t watch my stream. Yet you have the audacity to call me boosted off a five-second clip of me being scared lmao.

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She continued: “My aim’s good enough to be at least Diamond so… if you’re going talk sh*t in my chat, don’t be surprised if my mods ban you lmao.”

pokimane Valorant JettPokimane / Riot Games
Pokimane faces constant doubts over her Valorant skills, despite evidence to the contrary on her streams.

Valorant ace proves Pokimane’s skills

Pokimane hasn’t just been facing “boosting” claims this time either; one Twitch fan even suggesting the streamer only managed to get to Valorant’s Immortal rank because she “had a really good PC,” and (we guess) a technological advantage.

“That had me rolling, like, thanks, I guess?” she replied.

Like they always say though, actions speak louder than words, and Pokimane boasts examples of her Valorant skills in-action on every single of her broadcasts. Recently, Twitch’s stream queen even carried Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel in a ranked battle, pulling off an incredible one-vs-four clutch.

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If anyone still wants to doubt her Valorant credentials, all she has to do is point to that highlight; you won’t see many better in the highest levels of the game.