PewDiePie “frustrated” with Japan’s health restrictions as birth of baby draws near

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YouTube star PewDiePie admitted he’s “frustrated” with Japan’s health restrictions, as they will allegedly limit the amount of time he’s able to spend with his baby in the hospital once it’s born.

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is one of the most famous content creators on the internet. Best known for his gaming videos, the Swedish influencer was YouTube’s most-subscribed independent channel for a number of years before being dethroned by MrBeast in 2022.

Over the past half-decade, there have been a number of big events in PewDiePie’s life. He married wife Marzia in 2019 and moved to Japan in 2022, after sliding into a “retirement” of sorts back in 2020.

Now, he and Marzia are expecting their first child — and although PewDiePie described his ‘semi-retired’ life in Japan as “a dream,” he does have one major frustration with the country… its strict health rules.

PewDiePie and Marzia are expecting their first child, which is due in 2023.

PewDiePie says Japan’s health restrictions will limit his time with baby

In a YouTube video uploaded on June 15, Pewds revealed that, although he appreciates Japan’s adherence to rules and structure, these regulations can be frustrating at times.

“Japan has so many rules, and it’s a bit conflicting for me to complain about, because a lot of the best stuff about Japan,” he explained. “… a lot of the reasons why Japan works so well is because of the rules.”

“But sometimes, there are rules that just don’t make any sense. I have no problem following rules as long as I understand the reason for it, you know. …a lot of it is just, ‘Be thoughtful of other people, it’s not just about you.'”

The gender of the couple’s baby is unknown, but some fans are convinced it’s a boy after the YouTubers dropped some subtle hints online.

Namely, the YouTuber mentioned the country’s strict health restrictions, which he says will prevent him from spending more than two hours with his baby once they’re born. (PewDiePie and Marzia’s baby is expected to be delivered in July 2023.)

“I’m not allowed to be in the delivery room for our baby for more than two hours,” he claimed. “That’s because of [the global health problem] rules. It just doesn’t make sense to me… it’s really frustrating.”

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Despite this complication, PewDiePie gave the country an “S+” rating and encouraged his viewers to visit. He gave a number of other reasons why he loves living there, including not being recognized and overall feeling “happier” with his retired life.

This latest news from the YouTuber comes after he addressed his sudden ban on Twitch and rumors his channel got hacked back in May.

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