PewDiePie reveals that he’s already “retired” from YouTube

Published: 12/Nov/2020 20:52

by Virginia Glaze


Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is YouTube’s most subscribed independent creator — but it looks like his career as a full-time influencer has already hit a major turning point.

While PewDiePie has long reigned as one of YouTube’s biggest personalities, he rose to the top of the platform in 2018, after battling with Indian music label T-Series to become the site’s number one self-driven channel.

Boasting well over 107 million subscribers, Kjellberg’s career is certainly something to behold; but his time grinding videos and live streams has already come to an end, according to his answer during a November 12 Q&A session.

One fan asked the YouTuber if he’d ever retire: a concept he claims he actually put into motion a few months ago.

PewDiePie sits at his streaming station and speaks to the camera.
YouTube: PewDiePie
PewDiePie is YouTube’s most-subscribed, independent content creator, boasting over 107 million subscribers at the time of writing.

“Bruh, I never have to work again,” he joked. “I don’t have to be here. Do you understand? I’ve already retired, I just decided a couple of months ago. I’m doing YouTube at a more low pace. I’m sorry.”

“That means I am not uploading as frequently as I am,” he continued. “I just decided: F**k it. I’m retired. Have you noticed any difference?”

Despite effectively “retiring” from the YouTube grind, he’s very much still active on the platform, and opened up about what keeps him on the website in a subsequent answer to another fan query.

PewDiePie shows off his muscles for the camera.
Instagram: PewDiePie
PewDiePie has become a philosophy and literature enthusiast in the past few years of his career, and has even gained a whole-body transformation after creating a home gym in his garage.

While at first he joked that “money” was his main motivator, he quickly clarified by stating that he truly enjoys interacting with his viewers and creating content.

“I really enjoy interacting with my fans,” he answered. “I know that sounds cliche, and yes, it probably is, but it’s true. I still read comments, I love making videos, I love filming videos. Let’s be real here — Sive does all the hard work. I just get to do all the fun stuff.”

(Topic begins at 5:30)

While PewDiePie has taken a few lengthy breaks in the past — and plans to take another one in January 2021 — it seems that the Swede has no plans to indefinitely leave YouTube at the present moment.

Instead, he has “retired” from the ever-present grind that often results in “creator burnout” — and it looks like his fans are loving it.


TikToker Tony Lopez hits back at claims he cheated on Sarah-Jade Bleau

Published: 1/Dec/2020 18:12

by Alice Hearing


TikToker Tony Lopez has lashed out at claims he cheated on girlfriend Sarah-Jade Bleau after a smaller creator revealed screenshots of their private conversations.

Over the last few months, Tony Lopez has been accused multiple times of grooming underage fans on Snapchat, and the incidents were even referenced in Larray’s diss track, ‘Canceled.’

Despite these brewing accusations, on Sunday, November 30, Tony and Sarah-Jade Bleau revealed they were dating in both a flirtatious TikTok and a series of pictures on Instagram.

The pair took part in the trend where creators attempt to jump backward and get caught in another person’s arms, but instead, Sarah-Jade surprised Tony with a kiss in time to the song. Sarah-Jade also posted a picture of her and Tony cuddling up together with the caption “couple of besties” – the new term for dating, but not quite official.

Tony Lopez and Sarah Bleau confirms they are dating
Instagram: Sarah-Jade Bleau
Tony and Sarah-Jade revealed they were dating on November 29

But shortly after the announcement, TikToker Ava Louise posted a video showing a number of messages from Tony to her at the beginning of November. She captioned the video, “Wait, you have a whole GF and you were in my DMs on November 5 at 2:45am?”

@realavalouiiseWait wait wait wait wait you have a whole GF and u were in my DMs on nov 5th at 2:45 am??♬ Therefore I Am – Billie Eilish

The video was promptly posted to the TikTokroom Instagram account after receiving thousands of views on its original platform, where it was brought to Tony’s attention.

The TikTok dancer was quick to deny the implications of the video and commented on the Instagram account, firing insults at Ava Louise herself.

He wrote, “All I asked was how were you? Lol Nah enough of this clout chasing bullsh**. You hit me up first, thanking me for dancing to your song, plus we never flirted lol. Get a life.”

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While in a separate comment he added, “Dragging s**t for attention because you know using my name will get you like,” and, “Didn’t you lick an airplane toilet seat? Lol next.”

So far, some fans appear to be rallying around his comments, which have racked up thousands of likes, although failing to drown out many more negative reactions on both Instagram and TikTok.