PewDiePie shocks everyone with incredible drawings after 100-day challenge 

Josh Taylor
PewDiePie speaking to the camera as part of a YouTube video.

YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has gone viral as the internet can’t get over his unbelievable art skills, the result of a 100-day drawing challenge video.

PewDiePie had previously announced he had been taking a hiatus from content creation due to the imminent arrival of his baby with wife Marzia.

Baby Björn has since been born and his typical gaming and reaction YouTube content has returned. As well as this, a series of Vlogs around Japan featuring the newborn has followed.

Another video PewDiePie had uploaded since the birth was a 30-day drawing challenge video, which he has revealed he continued and three months later, his remarkable drawing skills have gone viral.

PewDiePie goes viral over unbelievable drawings

PewDiePie uploaded a video on January 31, 2024, titled: “I Drew Every Day for 100 DAYS!”

The Swedish YouTuber began: “So in my last video I tried to draw every day for 30 days, and I realized this is amazing,” as he further stated that it “really made me motivated to keep going.”

PewDiePie showed the results of his 100-day drawing challenge from the 13:05 timestamp below.

While comparing, Felix stated: “I can tell a massive difference, I feel so much more confident drawing now and I can draw quicker, less attempts and even just being able to incorporate color. I hope in a year I can develop my own style more.”

Various posts have appeared across socials as his unbelievable art skills soon sent the internet into a frenzy. This included popular WEBTOON author and artist RyaiArt who has gone viral for using it to fire shots at AI art creators on Twitter/X.

One user claimed: “My goat PewDiePie bodied every ‘too lazy to draw’ AI merchants.” Another added: “Like hell nah I think we got ourselves a prodigy here. Bro went training for just 3 months and is now good enough to make money doing commissions lmao.”

PewDiePie’s 100 day drawing YouTube video and the viral posts that have followed have led to countless viewers and aspiring artists taking inspiration and trying the challenge for themselves.

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