Johnny Somali threatens to sue “hypocrite” PewDiePie for saying he “ruined” Japan

Michael Gwilliam
johnny somali and pewdiepie side-by-side

Controversial streaming star Johnny Somali is threatening to sue YouTube legend PewDiePie after the Swede accused him and other influencers of “ruining” Japan.

In a May 2024 YouTube video, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg voiced his disapproval of content creators who come to Japan and engage in disruptive behavior, taking aim specifically at banned Kick streamer Johnny Somali.

Kjellberg, who moved to Japan with his wife Marzia in 2022, said the country has become “infested” with creators who go out of their way to be as “obnoxious as possible.”

Johnny Somali, who gained infamy with his Kick streams harassing Japanese locals and blasting music in restaurants, was pinpointed by PewDiePie as being a “f**king idiot,” and the YouTuber was glad when he was eventually fined and deported from the country.

However, Johnny Somali isn’t taking these remarks lightly and claims that PewDiePie is a hypocrite, citing the Swedish YouTuber’s own past controversies.

“He ain’t my OG, the new generation we run this sh*t now. Buddy needs to shut the f**k up and retire,” Somali blasted. “This hypocrite has no room to even discuss me, especially with misinformation and lies!”

The banned Kick streamer included a screenshot of an article from 2017 where PewDiePie caused controversy for uttering a racist slur on stream and making anti-Semitic jokes.

That’s not all; Somali also pointed out the YouTuber’s massive following and funds, accusing him of wasting time by making a video about his shenanigans in Japan.

“Very sad that PewDiePie has 111,000,000 subscribers. A significant percentage of the 8 billion human population of Earth, has access to unlimited funds, and his only content is reacting to and watching Johnny Somali,” he slammed.

Somali also suggested that he would be filing a lawsuit against Kjellberg for his comments in the video.

“He called me a ‘terrorist,’ very interesting use of language that could be racially motivated. Definitely defamatory, and considered slander, and libel,” he remarked. “See you in court, Felix.”

So far, it’s not clear if Somali actually plans to sue the popular YouTuber, but it wouldn’t be the first time a legal dispute has erupted between creators. The same day, Twitch streamer xQc announced that he served his ex, Adept, with three lawsuits after she leaked a phone call between them.