PewDiePie and Marzia married: Watch YouTubers’ full wedding video

PewDiePie, Instagram

YouTube king Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg quietly tied the knot with fiance Marzia Bisognin on their eight year anniversary in mid-August – but the couple didn’t upload a video of their special day until nearly a week later.

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While the two posted ample photos of their wedding to Instagram, PewDiePie didn’t tease a vlog of the event until August 22, leaving fans chomping at the bit for a look inside the celebrity ceremony.

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However, they didn’t have to wait much longer: Kjellberg posted the full-length video to YouTube on August 24, detailing their intimate ceremony and subsequent celebration.

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The tear-jerking video takes viewers through the Kjellbergs’ entire wedding day, with Felix giving an emotional speech that will leave fans reaching for tissues.

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“I am most of all happy and grateful to be Marzia’s husband,” PewDiePie can be heard saying. “We met at a time where I was feeling very lost, but every day since I met Marzia have been the best days of my life.”

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The couple’s heartfelt video quickly made the rounds on social media, with internet stars like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and YouTuber “Jacksepticeye” congratulating them on their marriage.

“Congrats Felix,” Blevins wrote in a retweet of the video.

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“This was beautiful!” Jacksepticeye commented. “It’s a treat to see how happy you guys are.”

Those weren’t the only high-profile eyes on the Kjellbergs’ wedding, either: “The Room” star Tommy Wiseau even congratulated the couple in a Tweet on August 21, after PewDiePie officially announced their marriage.

“May all your dreams come true!” Wiseau wrote – earning a well-deserved retweet from the YouTube star.

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PewDiePie and Marzia tied the knot on August 19 in southwest London’s Kew Gardens, spending an estimated £121,500 ($148,860) on their wedding – likely a mere drop in the bucket for the celebrity couple, who are worth a projected $27 million together.

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That’s not all: PewDiePie’s wedding precedes his coveted 100 million subscriber milestone, which he is projected to achieve the weekend after his wedding, making for a massively successful week for YouTube’s most-subscribed independent creator.

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