PayMoneyWubby slams Kick for making “transphobic” Adin Ross their biggest star

Dylan Horetski

Twitch star PayMoneyWubby slammed Kick during a recent stream for having made Adin Ross their biggest star, calling the streamer “transphobic” in the process.

Launched back in 2022 with internet star Trainwreck at the helm of the platform, Kick has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to their creator-focused sub revenue split and more.

They’ve signed some of Twitch’s biggest stars since launch, like Adin Ross, xQc, and even Amouranth.

Adin Ross, however, has sparked quite a bit of controversy since joining the platform. He’s been caught streaming sexual content, telling other creators to “kill” themselves, body-shaming an OnlyFans model, and more.

During a recent Twitch stream, PayMoneyWubby slammed Adin Ross as Kicks “biggest blunder” due to the way he acts on stream and social media.

PayMoneyWubby slams Adin Ross as Kick’s “Biggest blunder”

During his broadcast on August 9, 2023, Wubby began talking about Kick and decided to explain why he thinks signing Adin Ross has been their “biggest blunder.”

“Absolute biggest blunder of a decision was to get Adin Ross. Adin Ross who like, has said sh*t that has made me… I’ve tried to play devil’s advocate [to see if Adin] is incompetent or just evil. Adin Ross is one of the people that makes it absolutely the hardest to do,” he explained.

“I don’t like throwing this word around because Twitter has found a way to make this word very overused, but Adin Ross in my opinion is really transphobic in many ways, pretty homophobic in many ways. I never use words like that, but why would you want that to be your poster child?”

Adin hasn’t responded to Wubby’s comments in the hours since his stream, but we’ll be sure to update you if he does respond publicly.

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