Adin Ross hits back at MoistCr1TiKaL’s claim Kick is “awful”

Virginia Glaze

Adin Ross took umbrage with MoistCr1TiKaL’s comments about Kick, claiming he felt the YouTuber was “dissing” him after saying the platform is “awful.”

Kick has risen as a major competitor to Twitch, poaching some of the platform’s top streamers like xQc, Amouranth and more with highly lucrative, non-exclusive contracts.

Although Kick has come under scrutiny for the kinds of content allowed on its platform and its relationship with Stake, an online gambling platform, Twitch’s reputation hasn’t been much better lately.

Between nudity running rampant on the site to its sudden shutdown in South Korea over “prohibitively expensive” operating costs, Twitch has been under fire just as much as Kick, prompting a conversation about the platforms between two of the net’s biggest creators.

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Adin Ross hits back at “diss” from MoistCritikal over Kick comments

During a podcast in February 2024, popular streamers MoistCritikal and Jynxzi discussed Kick’s status as Twitch’s rival. Moist admitted he “liked the competition” Kick brings to the space, calling it “invaluable” — but admitted he wasn’t a fan of the site’s “awful” culture.

“That sh*t is terrible,” Moist said. “It’s so weird, because they could easily do something about it. …crimes are being committed on their platform and they do nothing about it. It’s a joke, honestly.”

(Topic begins at 1:36:54)

Adin Ross reacted to Moist’s remarks during a stream shortly afterwards, referencing Twitch’s own shortcomings in its infancy and arguing that “all publicity is good publicity.”

“If you guys saw what Twitch was seven years ago, you would be like, ‘What the f*ck?'” Adin shot back. “Every new platform in the beginning is not gonna be 100% amazing, bro.”

While he admitted that there were unsavory streamers on Kick’s platform, he felt that Moist’s comments were a “subliminal diss” toward him, saying “without me, without my community, there’s no Kick.”

“It could have been cleared up, like, ‘This is not toward Adin,’ because when everyone thinks Kick, they think Adin.”

Jynxzi also claimed that Kick was “the best thing to happen to Twitch” for the competition, but feels the platform needs to “have a line” drawn for its angle of providing “edgy” content in comparison to its rival.

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