Kick ‘likes’ tweet criticizing Adin Ross’ “transphobic rant” on their platform


Users have discovered that Kick’s Twitter page liked a tweet criticizing Adin Ross’ recent “transphobic rant” that happened during his stream on the platform.

Over the last few months, live streaming platform Kick has seen a significant boost in popularity thanks to the big-name Twitch streamers that made the switch.

One of those big streamers is Adin Ross, who’s become the face of the platform while streaming sexual content and sparking backlash due to his comments about non-binary pronouns.

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Shortly after the clip of his comments about pronouns went viral, a Twitter user used their platform to criticize him — and fans discovered that Kick liked the tweet.

Kick ‘likes’ tweet criticizing Adin Ross

The tweet, posted by Twitch streamer mittenskittens, calls out Adin Ross for his “transphobic rant,” tagging Kick in the process.

Just hours later, users discovered that Kick liked the tweet and is still liked at the time of writing.

kick liked the tweetTwitter: Kickstreaming
At the time of writing, the official Kick streaming Twitter account has still liked the tweet.

Users quickly discovered it by looking at Kick’s list of liked tweets, with one user posting a screenshot that’s been viewed over 40,000 times.

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“Kick’s official Twitter account just liked this tweet,” he captioned the post.

The tweet quickly gained traction, with many users commenting “W” in the replies, assuming that Kick agrees with Adin being in the wrong.

However, neither the official account nor any of the owners of the platform, like Trainwreck or Ed Craven, have commented on the recent backlash surrounding Adin.

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