Nikita Dragun hits back at Hype House Netflix show hate

Nikita Dragun slams hate over Netflix showYouTube: Nikita Dragun / Netflix

The Hype House has scored its very own reality show with Netflix, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like everyone is here for the ‘Hype’ — a reaction that Nikita Dragun doesn’t seem too bothered about.

TikTok, like YouTube before it, boasts its own array of ‘content houses’: groups of high-profile content creators who live under a single roof with the aim of bolstering their combined content output.

The Hype House is one such group. While it once housed such stars as Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, it has since become (in the famous words of Avani Gregg) just ‘the House’ — but that isn’t putting a stop to its starpower, it seems.

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On April 22, Netflix revealed that it would be streaming a reality show specifically centered around the chaotic lifestyle of the Hype House’s team of influencers, featuring such names as co-founder Thomas Petrou, music artist Chase Hudson, and even creators who aren’t directly in the group like beauty guru Nikita Dragun.

Unfortunately, Netflix’s announcement wasn’t met with much ‘Hype’ from viewers; instead, many users threatened to cancel their subscriptions over the show, and some even blamed it for making the platform’s stock tank (although Alex Warren argued against this trend).

Nikita Dragun has now spoken out on all the outrage surrounding the show in a pointed Instagram story, poignantly arguing that the haters are gonna hate and that she (and the others involved in the show) are going to thrive.

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“Everyone had a lot to say about the Netflix show, and that’s fine, but I just feel like, at the end of the day, you can’t get mad at people for winning and succeeding, and if you do, you’re literally just a hater,” she said.

“I’ve never had that in me. I know people aren’t happy that I’m in it or whatever the ****, and I could care honestly less, but for those who do support me, I’m really excited because I always say this… this is so uncomfortable for me, because I think it shows a different side to my life.”

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Dragun went on to state that the show will likely completely upend viewers’ expectations but declined to “spoil” anything. Thomas Petrou has also commented on the backlash with a similar statement, claiming that he’s “excited” to be getting such a reaction out of people rather than indifference while also arguing that the show will be about more thank just TikTok dances.

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For now, it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see if this TikTok reality show can truly bring the ‘Hype’ of one of its biggest content houses.