TikTok star Avani responds to rumors she’s leaving the Hype House

Avani / TheHypeHouseLA

Popular TikTok creator Avani Gregg has responded to rumors of her leaving the Hype House following much of the drama surrounding the group in recent months.

Avani is one of the biggest stars on TikTok with just under 20 million followers on her account for her zany videos and is also a member of the Hype House.

While the Hype House initially saw massive success, during the rise of TikTok, with many of the app’s biggest stars collaborating together, the group has received some backlash lately after recent drama.

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Avani, Instagram
Avani has finally responded to rumors of her leaving the Hype House.

Following the founder’s feud with Daisy Keech and the departure of the D’Amelio sisters, rumors began to spread that other members of the house such as Addison Rae and Avani might be next.

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After being asked by one of her fans when she would also be leaving the Hype House, Avani finally responded to the rumors with a subtle dig at her housemates.

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The TikTok star joked that the Hype House had lost much of its buzz as of late, and claimed that it was just called “the house.”

“It is now just the house” she added, referring to many of the popular creators who had left.

However, while she does not seem to be happy with the current state of the LA-based collective, the 17-year-old did not reveal whether she plans on leaving the Hype House anytime soon.

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As of now, it appears as if Avani is still in the Hype House, as she is still being featured in the group’s latest social media posts and is being reposted on their account’s Instagram story.

Another Hype House member who has been recently rumored to leave was Addison Rae, as many continue to question the fate of the group after it lost some of its biggest creators.