NICKMERCS reveals incredible Thanksgiving plan to feed thousands of homeless people

nickmercsInstagram: NICKMERCS

NICKMERCS has revealed plans to help feed the homeless dinner during the Thanksgiving holiday, stating that he and his family have purchased over a thousand turkeys. 

As Michigan native Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has gained popularity over the years, he has made sure to constantly give back to his community and team. The creator has done countless cash giveaways and tournaments, as well as a free community BBQ, and even provided his team with gold chains.

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Even though he lives in Florida now, Nick has revealed his plan to help supply Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless around his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

NICKMERCS feeds the homeless

While recalling the recent MFAM BBQ, Kolcheff remembered that even though that event had plenty of activities for fans, the majority of those in attendance still spent their time waiting to meet him. He explained: “I think if we made it a community event, it would be a little bit weird.”

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“So here’s what me, my team, and my dad have done,” he continued, “We bought a thousand turkeys. We have a location and a time and have it bought out. What we did was we went to the boys and girls clubs, homeless shelters, and a bunch of other places for people in need. We made them aware that on this day and time we’ll be supplying dinner.”

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The leader of the MFAM further doubled down on the fact that he doesn’t want it to be a community-based event: “I had this thought of someone needing a meal that day, but they had to weave around people with a sharpie and t-shirt waiting to meet me.”

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Fans won’t need to worry about missing out, as Nick mentioned that he will be filming a video for his YouTube channel that will give everyone an idea of what it’s like to give food away to those in need.

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