Dr Disrespect hits back at viewer over “garbage quality” merch accusations

Dr Disrespect streamingYouTube/Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect fired back at a viewer during a YouTube stream after they accused his merchandise of being “garbage quality.”

The Champions Club forms one of the most dedicated streamer fanbases on the internet, fully supporting the Doc’s ‘Violence, speed, momentum’ mantra and backing him in any way possible.

As with most top streamers or entertainers, merchandise is one of those ways fans look to support him.

When one viewer criticized his merch, though, the Doc didn’t hold back, telling them exactly what he thought of their complaints.

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Dr Disrespect Champions Club merchchampionsclub.gg
Dr Disrespect’s merch is very popular among his fans.

“I’m super disappointed in my VSM merch quality,” the comment read. “I paid $250 for two sweaters and they are garbage quality.”

Dr Disrespect immediately said that the claim was “wrong,” suggesting that they should “do their f**king research.”

“First off, you’re lying, because you’re just a baby Champions Club member who just joined,” he continued. “Now you’re trying to spread some sort of conspiracy in the chat. The VSM merch quality… There’s a reason why all of them are sold out. So first off you’re f**king lying. Second off, never heard that feedback ever regarding our merchandise.”

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Timestamp 5:07:05

The Doc went on to say that they have “some of the tippity-top quality in the entire industry,” and refuted the viewer’s claim that they spent $250.

Finally, he said to “get this guy out of the arena,” moving on and jumping back into a game of Call of Duty: Vanguard, not discussing the matter any further.

Needless to say, Dr Disrespect believes vehemently in the top quality of his merch, and is not entertaining any idea that it’s not some of the best available.

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