NICKMERCS gifts entire team MFAM gold chains amid “biggest deal of his life” rumors

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Twitch streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has gifted his entire team MFAM-themed gold chains as a thank you, as news swirls that he has secured the biggest deal of his career. 

NICKMERCS’ MFAM community continues to set an incredibly high bar for what a Twitch streamer’s following can be. While its size has never been in doubt – Kolcheff boasts upwards of 6.1 million followers on Twitch – its togetherness has seldom been more obvious.

The MFAM BBQ took place on September 18, attracting over 10,000 guests at an eye-watering cost for Nick.

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It was considered a resounding success and, amid rumors that Nick has signed a monumental deal over his streaming future, he has handsomely rewarded his team.

Nickmercs, Swagg, TimTheTatman, Temper, Cloakzy, and
The MFAM BBQ attracted some huge names, as well as thousands of fans.

In a short video to Twitter on September 24, Nick is shown gifting each of his team a gold MFAM chain as a thank you for their hard work in supporting him and organizing the BBQ.

“It’s been a great couple of years,” Nick said, “biggest deal of my life. It’s all thanks to you guys. The gifts are from us, but she did all the work. I didn’t do sh*t. It’s a great gift, I think you guys are gonna love it.”

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Attached was a close up of the gold chains, with a gold MFAM logo attached.

The caption read: “THE TEAM! THE TEAM! THE TEAM! Doesn’t work without these legends at my f*ckin’ back. To the future baby!”

It’s a heartwarming moment, and reiterates just how tight-knit Nick and his staff are. When taking into account his gratitude, it’s no surprise the success and popularity they have been met with.

While the exact layout of the future is unknown, we can expect Nick and his team to continue pushing the limits of what a streamer’s community can be, and can do.

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