NICKMERCS reveals the insane cost of his MFAM BBQ event

Nickmercs, Swagg, TimTheTatman, Temper, Cloakzy, and

NICKMERCS is one of the biggest names in gaming, so it’s no surprise that an in-person event of his would draw out a massive crowd. He revealed in a recent stream exactly how much it cost him out of pocket. 

The event took place on September 18 in Tampa, Florida, and it was a packed house. People from all over the internet gathered at George M. Steinbrenner Field to celebrate the community and its achievements.

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Familiar faces such as FaZe Swag, Cloakzy, and TimTheTatman made appearances, as well as Tampa Bay Buccaneers players Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. While the get-together was no doubt a hit, it may only stick around as a yearly event because of the insane price tag associated with it.

Three days after it came to a close, the creator announced he had spent $360,000 of his own cash to make it happen.

Nickmercs’ MFAM Barbecue

While not mentioned in the video, the event was sponsored by CashApp, so it’s likely that they handled the other $140,000

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It’s no surprise that this event drew such a crowd, Nick has been making major waves in the gaming scene for the last few years.

From becoming a part-owner of FaZe Clan to partnering with Under Armour as the company’s first content creator brand ambassador, things are only trending up for the streamer.

While large-scale public events have been on hold for much of the last year, it’s likely that we’ll see other streamers attempt to host similar gatherings in the future.

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Nickmercs with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin of the Tampa Bay BucsTwitter: NICKMERCS
This is only a small representation of the crossover appeal in gaming/streaming with professional sports.

The world of professional sports seems ready for that kind of crossover. TimTheTatman recently announced that he has joined the Dallas Cowboys-backed Complexity Gaming, and that’s only the lastest drop in the bucket.

There are already a handful of those ownership groups in the world of gaming – such as Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, who own the Los Angeles Rams as well as the Overwatch League’s LA Gladiators, and the Call of Duty League’s LA Guerillas.

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It may be a while before we see an event like that, but things certainly seem to be heading in the right direction for it to happen. While it was expensive, NICKMERCS certainly sent his diehard fans home happy – potentially paving the way for others to follow suit.

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