MrBeast responds as Netflix reportedly making US Squid Game

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MrBeast Squid Game

YouTube star MrBeast has given his thoughts after Netflix has reportedly started working on an “American” Squid Game spin-off.

In late 2021, Squid Game took over the world, with the Korean drama quickly becoming the biggest show to air on Netflix just 12 days after its release.

Being so wildly popular, YouTube and TikTok creators began making their own spin-off versions of the series — where it’s fair to say MrBeast took the crown with his Squid Game recreation.

Nevertheless, Netflix themselves are looking to maintain the hype for Squid Game — with the company reportedly working on an ‘American’ adaptation of the Korean thriller. Although MrBeast has quickly noted how he’s already beaten them to it.

MrBeast hits back to Netflix’s “American” Squid Game

As reported by Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic podcast, Netflix is developing an American remake of Squid Game, with film director David Fincher — who’s known mostly for his work with psychological thrillers — at the top of the list for the project.

However, according to YouTube star MrBeast, it’s already been done. “Isn’t that what we did?” he asked in an April 14 tweet. Of course, he’s referencing his mega-successful Squid Game recreation — which even got the approval of the show’s creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk.

MrBeast’s Squid Game was published on November 24, 2021 — a little over two months after the show’s initial release. Although MrBeast was late to the trend, the wait and anticipation build-up was certainly worth it.

Within just a couple of days, the video smashed YouTube records, surpassing 130 million views in its first week. The video has since gone on to become MrBeast’s most popular video yet, amassing over 400 million views thus far.

The YouTube star has toyed with the idea of a second Squid Game video after Netflix’s confirmation that another season of the Korean drama is on the way.

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