Netflix co-CEO addresses rumors of Squid Game remake from David Fincher

Liam Ho
Lee Jung-jae in Squid Game

The co-CEO of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, has addressed rumors about a possible US Squid Game remake from David Fincher during a recent trip to Korea.

Squid Game had a massive cultural impact when it released back in 2021. The Korean thriller saw huge success, spawning a second season, a reality show, YouTube recreations, and even board games to boot. With life-changing money on the line, the show saw contestants participate in a series of deadly challenges, with the main character Seong Gi-Hun coming out on top.

With the success of the original series, many fans were excitedly awaiting any news on its future. Rumors began to spread that renowned director David Fincher would helm a US remake, causing even more hype from fans.

However, it seems that these were nothing more than rumors, as co-CEO of Netflix Ted Sarandos has shut down the idea of a US remake during a recent trip to Korea.

Lee Jung-jae in Squid Game 2
Squid Game saw massive amounts of success, with a second season on the way.

As first reported by Korea JoongAng Daily, Sarandos spoke more about the US remake on his trip to Korea, where he met Squid Game director Hwang Dong-Hyuk.

“This year, we’re very excited about the return of ‘Physical 100,’ the new season, ‘Sweet Home’ and of course, ‘Squid Game.’”

Despite this, the CEO also told the Korean press that David Fincher’s US remake of Squid Game is “just a rumor”, implying we won’t be seeing anything of the sort soon.

While this does mean that we won’t see Fincher’s take on the popular Korean thriller, fans won’t have to wait too long for the next season of the show to release, with trailers already circulating around the internet.