YouTuber goes viral with “most realistic” Squid Game challenge video yet

brianna squid game youtube videoYouTube: Brianna / Netflix

Popular kids YouTuber ‘Brianna’ has gone viral with her Squid Game video that brings challenges from the show to real life.

Squid Game has taken over the internet since its Netflix release in September. 456 contestants are tasked with playing six different children’s games, with the winner getting a hefty cash sum at the end. But, if participants lose in the games, they’re killed.

With its enormous success on Netflix – becoming the most-watched series of all time on the platform – Squid Game videos on TikTok and YouTube have seen an influx in views.

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Creators are recreating segments from the show, and YouTuber ‘Brianna’ is looking to take the crown for with video that’s been penned as the “most realistic” so far.

Squid Game poster for Netlifx TV seriesNetflix
The Squid Game series has captivated viewers across the globe.

YouTuber brings Squid Game to life

Brianna’s video released on October 16 has seen an enormous amount of support, as the YouTuber gathered 12 of her friends to compete in the challenges.

They played Red Light Green Light, Honeycomb, Tug of War, the glass bridge game, and more.

Although the video doesn’t have 456 participants like the Netflix show, she went out of her way to replicate it as best as she could. The effort that was put into the video is clearly shown, as the challenges that are played by the contestants are as close to the real thing as can be.

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Fans of the creator were also impressed by the video, as they showed gratitude for how realistic it truly was. One commenter said: “This is one of the most realistic squid game yt video I’ve ever seen!”

Another fan said similar, “You have to do more of this stuff because it’s so realistic.”

Brianna may currently hold the crown for the most realistic Squid Game recreation, many are expecting it to be short-lived when MrBeast’s video which will reportedly cost him $2M releases.

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As usual with any other MrBeast video, we shouldn’t expect anything other than crazy. However, a video of the magnitude he is planning may take a while to arrive.

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