YouTubers react to MrBeast’s epic $456k Squid Game video: KSI, Casey Neistat & more

Jacob Hale
KSI, MrBeast and Casey Neistat

On November 24, MrBeast finally posted his insane $456,000 recreation of viral Netflix hit Squid Game, with fans and creators coming out in full force to blow his views up and pay homage to undeniably one of the most influential YouTubers today.

The video hit 1 million views in a matter of minutes and at the time of writing — around 12 hours after the video was published — sits at around 28 million views and is still going up rapidly.

While MrBeast was already highly regarded by his peers on YouTube, the Squid Game video has set a whole new level of love, with support pouring in from some of the biggest names on the internet.

YouTubers react to MrBeast Squid Game video

A number of the most popular YouTubers and streamers in the world immediately tuned in to the highly-anticipated event, checking out how MrBeast was breaking records this time.

Within minutes of the video premiering, the tributes came flying out, and MrBeast reaffirmed himself as one of the biggest names on YouTube — if not the biggest. Here are some of the reactions.

After tweeting MrBeast to say it was a “huge W,” KSI posted another tweet simply saying that the video was “nuts.”

Australian star Lazarbeam took the opportunity to announce his retirement from YouTube, saying that it’s “because MrBeast just s**ts on everyone whats the point of even uploading.”

British YouTuber Jay Swingler offered a similar sentiment, asking MrBeast to “remove his latest video as its a violation to every content creator on the platform that can’t keep up with his genius.”

Fortnite streamer SypherPK offered MrBeast one of the highest compliments possible, calling it “easily the greatest video ever produced on Youtube.”

Finally, Casey Neistat called the video an “absolute triumph.” He said it was “well put together” and that it “moves fast but doesn’t skip the emotional aspect of winning and losing.”

Clearly, many top YouTubers are firmly on the MrBeast hype train, and the video has fast become a truly viral hit — which is no surprise, considering how anticipated it was in the lead-up to the date.

That said, MrBeast said the video cost him $3.5m — so it’s impossible to say he didn’t put absolutely everything into it.

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