Monty Lopez admits he’s “broken” over Sheri Easterling breakup in emotional TikTok

TikTok: Monty Lopez/Instagram: Sheri Easterling

Monty Lopez has admitted he’s “broken” and “lost” following the break-up with Addison Rae’s mom, Sheri Easterling, posting an emotional TikTok about it all. 

In late June, rumors surfaced online about the relationship status of Addison Rae’s parents, Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling, with claims that Lopez had been caught cheating on his partner. 

Since then, the pair have been engaged in a pretty public spat that has involved Addison unfollowing them on social media, Easterling going on a date with rapper Yung Gravy, and Lopez even dropping a diss track about it all.

Over the last few weeks, Monty has taken to TikTok to try and heal things, saying that he “misses” his ex-partner and that “life has been stressful” ever since their split

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Monty Lopez says he’s “lost” over Sheri Easterling split

Well, now, he’s dropped yet another emotional post, claiming to feel “broken” about the whole drama and further reiterating how much he misses Easterling. 

The emotional video, which sees Lopez hunched over a table in front of a bouquet of roses, was posted with a simple caption: “I miss you! You know it! #lonely #miserable #waiting #so” with text also flashing up on screen reading: “I will wait for you! I love you.”

He doubled down on things in the comments too, replying to one comment saying: “I’m lost” and another with the word “broken.”

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While plenty of viewers had sympathy for Lopez’s post, not everyone did. “This is karma working it’s magic,” said one. “It was your decision,” added another. “How did he go from “she broke I’m up” to “I miss you and i will wait for you!” asked another.

Easterling hasn’t exactly been forthcoming in responses to Lopez’s posts, but some fans have taken her vague Tweets to be just that. Though, who knows if the pair will ever rekindle things.