Monty Lopez reveals relationship status amid Sheri Easterling drama

Monty Lopez gives relationship status updateTikTok: montyjlopez

Addison Rae’s dad, Monty Lopez, has given fans an update on his relationship status as ex-wife Sheri Easterling, Rae’s mom, has apparently broken things off with Yung Gravy.

Addison Rae’s family has been wracked with drama ever since her father, Monty Lopez, was reportedly caught cheating on his now ex-wife Sheri Easterling with younger women.

Since then, the Rae family has been caught up in headline after headline, especially after Sheri appeared to strike up a romance with American rapper Yung Gravy — something that sparked Lopez’s ire and caused him to challenge the music artist to a boxing match.

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The two never met up in the boxing ring, and it looks like Gravy and Sheri have parted ways, with a source claiming that their romance was more than likely a stunt to “get people talking.”

Monty Lopez says he’s “single” and “in his healing stage” after Sheri Easterling split

Since then, Lopez has admitted to “missing” his ex, and things were quiet for a few days… until October 18.

Yesterday, Lopez posted a series TikToks discussing his current relationship status, where he admitted that he is currently single — although it’s unclear if he’s completely over his marriage to Sheri.

In one upload, he apparently responded to fans’ queries asking if he had “moved on” from his past relationship. In response, he lip-synced over audio that said, “Please, I am absolutely fine, there is nothing to worry about.”

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He then posted a caption that read, “She did,” implying that Sheri had already “moved on.”

That’s not all; he also uploaded another video on the same day, which he captioned: “I’m single, don’t ask! You know! DM me to have fun if you’re in LA.”

In another video, he wrote: “I’m in my healing stage, but it’s so hard,” lip-syncing to audio that said, “Will I get over it? Hmm… no. But life goes on. Not for me.”

Whatever the case may be, it looks like Lopez is in his feelings. Sheri, on the other hand, has been posting positive messages on her Twitter account with no apparent mention of Lopez directly.

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Addison continues to distance herself from her family, with sources claiming the TikToker is “mortified” by the ongoing drama surrounding her parents.