Mizkif gets emotional after receiving fan-made replica of Reckful’s iconic stream duck

Dylan Horetski
Mizkif on left and reckful on right
Twitch, Mizkif / YouTube, Reckful

Popular Twitch broadcaster ‘Mizkif’ received a pleasant surprise after a fan sent a replica of late broadcaster ‘Reckful’s’ iconic stream duck while opening gifts sent to his P.O. Box.

Recently returning from his 20+ day extended hiatus from streaming, Mizkif decided to open gifts that his fans had sent to his post-office box with his friend and fellow streamer, Alinity, on October 10.

After a opening few packages and getting into some shenanigans with other people in Mizkif’s house, Alinity opened a box and told him to close his eyes and hold his hands out. She put the gift in hands, told him to open his eyes, and the result left the entire stream with the warm fuzzies.

Mizkif gets an emotional gift

Quickly turning down his loud streaming voice, Matthew opened his eyes with an emotional and reverent, “Aww.”

However, Alinity seemed a bit confused. “Oh, Maya likes birds!” she spouted, appearing to reference Mizkif’s ex-girlfriend Maya Higa, who works alongside animals and features them in her content quite often.

Quickly switching back to his usual joking self, the OTK founder replied: “No, you dumb b***h, this is Reckful’s duck.”

Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein was a professional World Of Warcraft player and content creator. He boasted such achievements as four top-three MLG placements for WoW, and was once ranked fourth in the top 10 richest streamers, having a net worth of over 1.5m while averaging over 50k viewers a stream.

reckful holding his duck at the store
Reckful and his iconic duck, which was actively featured in the background of his streams.

Before his passing on July 2, 2020, Bernstein was known for featuring a large stuffed duck in the background of his streams. It became the muse for countless memes and, as you see with Mizkif’s reaction, is a great way to remember the late creator.

This isn’t the first time the creator praised Reckful, as he recently claimed his 50k viewer Pokemon Go stream was “one of the best streams ever.”

Although Reckful has passed, his legacy lives on in the hearts of fans and his fellow streamers, as evidenced by this heartwarming moment on Mizkif’s stream