Corpse Husband got matching tattoos with Emma Langevin and the internet is loving it

Virginia Glaze
Corpse Husband got matching tattoos with Emma Langevin

Popular streamer and music artist Corpse Husband got a matching tattoo with influencer and comedian Emma Langevin, finally making good on a ‘promise’ they made to each other during a past live stream.

Corpse Husband is one of the internet’s most popular streamers. Rising to fame during the Among Us craze, Corpse has been uploading horror narrations to YouTube for some time, and has more recently become a bit of a star in the music biz.

However, his first musical hit was undoubtedly his viral ‘E-Girls are ruining my life’ song, first uploaded in September 2020. The song notably included a photo of influencer Emma Langevin as the thumbnail, forever attaching her image to the track.

The two content creators have since struck up a pretty amicable friendship, leading them to joke about getting matching tattoos in a broadcast some time ago.

Corpse Husband & Emma Langevin get matching tattoos

It turns out that these two were actually fairly serious about getting inked together, and uploaded a photo of their matching body art to the internet on October 10, 2021.

The influencers decided on the classic webcomic Pon and Zi  and recreated one of the more popular images of the adorable cartoon duo on their ankles.

Valkyrae, TinaKitten & more react to Corpse and Emma’s matching tattoos

The image has apparently broken the internet, with fans and fellow content creators sharing their positive opinions of the tattoos all across social media.

“I remember you both talking about this hehe, so glad it’s finished!!” YouTube streamer Valkyrae commented. “I LOVE IT!!”

“This is all so hardcore,” longtime YouTuber Anthony Padilla (who was one of the first to interview Corpse Husband) chimed in.

“I made u a cookie but I eated it,” streamer TinaKitten replied, referencing the age-old classic meme phrase.

It seems that Corpse and Emma’s matching tattoos are a big win all-around, giving fans a healthy dose of mid-2000’s nostalgia (as well as a heap of warm fuzzies) thanks to their adorable token of friendship.