Mizkif is taking a “long” Twitch hiatus after revealing he and Maya broke up

Isaac McIntyre
Mizkif and Maya Higa out travelling as Twitch couple.

Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo has announced he will be taking an extended break from Twitch streaming, after revealing he and long-time girlfriend and fellow stream-star Maya Higa had broken up after two years together.

The streaming couple had been together for just over two years.

Mizkif and Maya originally kept their relationship a secret from their Twitch fans, but accidentally confirmed their rumored romance in the middle of an unboxing stream in late 2019. Since then, the pair were near-inseparable as each climbed into the upper echelons of streaming fame on Amazon’s video site.

In more recent times, Mizkif and Maya would often co-stream together, sharing stories, embarrassing each other, and building a combined fanbase. Mizkif now has just under 1.6m followers, while Higa boasts 510k of her own.

The Twitch couple lived together for the majority of their relationship. They met after Mizkif replied to a YouTube video of Maya building her PC.

Mizkif Maya Higa
Rinaudo and Higa have been one of Twitch’s “power couples” for more than two years.

Mizkif revealed their shock Twitch break-up ⁠— and his intentions to take time away from streaming to process it ⁠— in a Twitlonger posted on September 14.

He wrote, “Maya and I have decided to break up.”

The Twitch star explained that there had been “no event, no cheating, no drama” that led to their surprise decision. Instead, it was a mutual choice the streaming couple decided on behind closed doors.

“We both care about each other so much and are still friends,” he explained. “We’re supporting each other through this and we ask that you all do the same for us both. Thank you for supporting us through these past two years.

The Twitch star went on to add: “We can both say that they’ve [the last two years] been some of the best years of our lives and we’re super grateful.”

Mizkif also confirmed the pair would be taking a break from Twitch. “We’re going to take a couple weeks off of streaming to process and to take care of ourselves.”

He followed this up in Twitch chat soon after with another, much longer prediction, however. When asked by one of his fans how long he’s expecting to take away from his regular broadcasting schedule, Rinaudo said, “I will not be streaming for a long time.”

The One True King streamer’s unexpected break from Twitch will mark the first time he has spent any meaningful time away from streaming since early 2020. In February last year, Mizkif had a 10 day break from the platform.

Before that, the star’s longest break was a short week in August 2018.

Mizkif (YouTube).
The Twitch couple originally announced their relationship by accident in late 2018.

Maya is in a similar boat; although her streams are more intermittent, the Twitch star has taken barely any time away from the popular video platform since late 2019, when Higa was right in the middle of her rise in popularity. April 13-20 this year was the last time she was away from streaming.

Neither star has confirmed a date for their streaming returns. Judging by Mizkif’s “two-week” promise, however, we could expect them back by September 27.