Mizkif claims Reckful’s iconic Pokemon Go Twitch stream is “the greatest ever”

Mizkif claims Rekful's iconic Pokemon Go stream is "the greatest stream ever"Twitch Mizkif / Reckful

Mizkif claimed that the late Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein’s iconic Pokemon Go stream that pulled more than 50,000 viewers was “one of the best streams ever,” and even called it “god-like.”

The Twitch community was heartbroken in July 2020 after Reckful, who had many beloved fans, took his own life.

World of Warcraft players banded together to mourn his passing, streamers wrote fondly of him, and Blizzard paid tribute to his legacy.

He had many memorable moments throughout his career. However, one that stands out is when he streamed Pokemon Go to more than 50,000 viewers on Twitch, and Mizkif believes it was “one of the best streams ever.”

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Twitch: Reckful
Reckful sadly passed away in July 2020.

Mizkif stumbled on a question in a quiz that said, “Which streamer reached 50,000 viewers by playing Pokemon Go, which was one of the highest individual view counts at the time?”

“Reckful. Final answer,” he said. “Reckful hit 50,000 viewers playing Pokemon Go. It was one of the best streams ever made. It was literally one of the best streams ever.”

He explained that it was so good that many other streamers, including Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris, Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar, and himself, were glued to their seats watching it and wouldn’t leave the room.

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“It was a god-like stream,” he added.

The July 11, 2016 stream was one of Reckful’s biggest, peaking at 51,545 viewers.

He later beat it on two occasions — in October 2017 with 55,000 people watching his journeys at TwitchCon and August 2018 with 57,000 viewers tuning him for some WoW gameplay — but the stream was record-breaking at the time.

Mizkif might be a popular streamer in his own right, but he was also one of those Reckful fans, and it seems like that stream has a special place in his heart.

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