Mizkif explains why OTK wanted Jinny to leave Esfand’s House

Published: 7/Feb/2021 15:54 Updated: 7/Feb/2021 16:00

by Georgina Smith


After Twitch streamer Jinny announced on stream that she would be leaving the US, fellow streamer Mizkif explained why he and the OTK (One True King) collective had agreed with the decision for Jinny to leave Esfand’s house, where she has been living in Texas.

Jinny is a hugely popular Korean streamer, gaining over 550,000 followers on Twitch since she started in 2017. In March 2020 she moved into fellow streamer Esfand’s home as a result of the global health crisis, and since then has made a great deal of content with him.

Esfand is part of a streamer collective called OTK (One True King,) which also includes streamers such as Mizkif and Asmongold.

One True King Asmongold WoW org
Instagram: otknetwork
One True King features some of the biggest names in WoW.

On February 5, Jinny announced on stream that she would be leaving the US after doing some traveling. She explained that was going to had to leave for visa-related reasons anyway but had plans to return in the summer – though now she doesn’t know when she will return.

Her various reasons for leaving, in addition to her visa, included that her brother didn’t come to the US to be inside all the time, saying that they would be be “coming back when things are better.”

OTK’s Mizkif discussed Jinny’s tearful explanation on stream, and explained why he and other members of the group felt she needed to leave, despite “liking her a lot.”

He began by sharing with his viewers that they are trying to be particularly careful about obeying current health regulations, as Asmon’s mom is vulnerable. However, he adds that “Jinny, I feel like doesn’t understand the situation as much as she should.”

Mizkif goes on to explain why the group is particularly sensitive to people obeying the rules currently, as, “Asmon’s mom is super sick, Tips just had a baby, Russell has the immune system of a child.”

He added that “she just flew in her brother, and people got upset about it. She thinks it’s best, and we think it’s best for her to go home. I feel really bad for Esfand.”

Jinny mentioned in her stream that she discussed her decision a lot with Esfand, so it seems that her leaving mutually suits everyone for the time being. Jinny has not revealed any intended date for her US return, as the situation is currently impossible to predict.


CodeMiko in tears after explaining more details about her Twitch ban: “It hurts”

Published: 7/Feb/2021 11:12 Updated: 8/Feb/2021 17:49

by Connor Bennett


The face behind CodeMiko, The Technician, got a bit emotional talking about her most recent ban from Twitch, explaining that it hurt because she thinks some believe that she might be a little toxic.

VTubers have been on the rise across Twitch and YouTube in the last few months, with some avatars having a bit better production than others. 

Though, CodeMiko takes it to the next level. The popular Twitch streamer uses a high-tech movement-tracking suit to display her avatar, with viewers being able to get involved by displaying messages on her body. 

However, the VTuber was suspended from Twitch early into 2021 for showing someone’s personal details on stream, but made her return at the start of February following a few weeks off. 

CodeMiko smiling at the camera during Twitch stream
Twitch: CodeMiko
CodeMiko is a virtual streamer with ‘The Technician’ being behind everything.

After ending her February 5 stream as CodeMiko, the Technician took over, revealing some of the things she’d been working on building for her virtual avatar, including a quiz show scene for future streams.

Some fans quickly quizzed her on the ban and what it meant moving forward, which included her removal from Hivemind – a Twitch Gaming quiz show. “So Twitch mandated that I get removed from Hivemind, they removed me from all the other events as well that they were going to have for me.”

“It hurts because I feel like they see me as a toxic person or something,” the clearly emotional streamer said, wiping away tears. “I get it though, I do get it.”

The Technician was able to quickly compose herself to continue on with the stream, answering further questions about the suspension, as well as talking about changes to CodeMiko. 

It was only on her February 7 stream that CodeMiko revealed the financial impact that her Twitch ban cost her: “I think I was only like some hundreds away from reaching 10,000 subs… now I need around, I lost about 4,000 subs.”

After this clip, viewers on her stream decided to donate her a huge amount of gifted subs and make up the majority of her lost subscribers. However, despite making her losses back, this situation does show how much of a financial impact a ban can have on a streamer.

It’s worth noting her most recent ban wasn’t the first time that the CodeMiko channel has been suspended – it’s suffered suspensions before. Though, fans will be hoping that there are no further suspensions and that they can enjoy watching the VTuber’s hilarious interviews for a while yet.