Small Twitch streamer in shock after 10,000 viewer raid by French comedian

Luke Edwards
small twitch streamer koljakolja_koala

A small Tetris streamer’s Twitch channel exploded after French comedian Arnaud Tsamere coordinated a raid live on his stream, boosting his viewership to over five thousand.

When he woke up on the morning of Saturday, February 6, small Twitch streamer kolja_koala would not have expected to be streaming to thousands of people.

A German video game translator working in Tokyo, Kolja only started streaming at the end of January. Before the raid, he had four followers. Within minutes, that number had gone up to 86 and, at the time of writing, sits at 252.

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The raid was coordinated by French comedian Arnaud Tsamere, who regularly streams himself, and had spent his February 6 stream playing Tetris. At the end of the stream, he called on his audience to raid Kolja, resulting in a huge increase in viewership. Kolja’s reaction was priceless.

“What the f*** is going on?” he said, as his chat suddenly blew up with messages. “You’re crazy. I can’t believe this.”

“If I knew you guys were gonna show up, I would have shaved and dressed nicely.”

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Tsamere was more than happy to have put a smile on Kolja’s face. “It’s nice to please!” he tweeted.

Kolja later posted his story on Reddit, where he was clearly still buzzing from the event. “They made my smile so much that my face is still hurting,” he said. “I can’t wait to stream again and talk to all the new followers I gained from today’s raid. You guys rock! That was a very special moment.”

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The raid completely interrupted Kolja’s Tetris gameplay, however. “I was too nervous to continue playing so I just had a conversation with the lovely crowd,” he added. “The vibe was insane.”

It’s always good to see raids play out wholesomely on Twitch. In January, small Twitch streamer TheQuadRat burst into tears when his channel exploded from five viewers to 40k in a raid by fans of chess stars Alexandra and Andrea Botez.

Whether Kolja will see a consistent boost in viewership remains to be seen, but he seems to have loved the experience regardless.

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