Mizkif confirms plans to sell content house and teases Knut taking over

Mizkif TwitchTwitch: Mizkif

Twitch star Mizkif has confirmed plans to sell his content house in Austin, Texas and teased the possibility of Norwegian streamer Knut taking over the property.

Over the last few months, Mizkif has been rather quiet across his social media, video, and streaming platforms.

Allegations rose in September that the Twitch star had helped cover up a sexual assault, leading streaming group OTK putt him on leave so they could investigate the claims.

OTK revealed on December 31 that there was no evidence to support the allegations, and announced Mizkif had been reinstated into the content org — but that’s not the only changes happening for the Twitch star.

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During a January 2 stream, he revealed plans to sell his Austin, Texas content house and has teased the possibility of Norweigian Twitch star Knut buying it.

Mizkif confirms plans to sell house, Knut might buy it

During the stream, he explained that he has told people he wants to sell his house and move.

“Knut messaged me with a tryhard [emote] and was like, ‘Why don’t I buy your house?'” he explained. “I kinda think that’s funny if Knut buys my house and he starts streaming in here.”

“For him to move in here and stream in this room, I don’t know what will be back in those bins besides C4 and some other sh*t, but I was kinda like, ‘Thats a good idea.”

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Mizkif added: “Now, he did undercut my house about 50% of what I said to him, but we’ll probably just do another Camp Knut and he’ll be able to pay for it in no time. We’ll see. Right now we’re in negotiations.”

He didn’t give any timeline on when the house may be sold, or what may happen with the other creators that are currently living with him.

We’ll have to wait to see what happens in the coming months. In the meantime, head over to our entertianment section for more news.