Mizkif responds after BruceDropEmOff calls him out on stream

Mizkif wants no drama after brucedropemoff calloutTwitch: Mizkif, BruceDropEmOff

Twitch star Mizkif has responded after fellow streamer BruceDropEmOff put him on blast during a live broadcast after suddenly leaving OTK.

BruceDropEmOff is a popular Twitch streamer with over 1.2 million followers on the platform. He joined forces with streaming group OTK in March 2022, but parted ways with the organization less than a year later.

His decision to leave came as a shock to fans — as did his subsequent message to OTK streamer Mizkif, calling the influencer “weird” and referencing his past controversies in an explosive rant.

“Mizkif, stop texting my phone, you are blocked b*tch a**,” he said. “Don’t ever come at me like that ever a day in your f*ckin’ life. I did way more for you than I was ever supposed to. Don’t try to come at me…You’re supposed to be sending good energy. I should have left when your b*tch a** got exposed.”

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The two had just linked up for a friendly joint stream a few days earlier, sparking confusion among viewers… but Mizkif says he doesn’t want any drama, no matter what’s going down behind the scenes.

Mizkif “doesn’t want drama” amid BruceDropEmOff ordeal

Miz spoke out about the situation during a January 26 live stream, asking his viewers to spread positivity amid the ongoing ordeal.

“I will always hope the best for him,” Miz said. “For DEO. For everybody. I just want positivity. I can’t do it anymore, chat. I really can’t. I don’t wanna have this drama sh*t anymore. I’m tired of it.”

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“I can’t do it,” he repeated. “I don’t wanna do it anymore. I want to make content. I want to make you laugh. I want to entertain. I want you guys to be happy.”

It’s clear from Miz’s statement that he only wants to focus on content creation and less on drama.

At the time of writing, Bruce has yet to respond to Mizkif — but it’s worth noting that he’s unable to go live at the moment, as Twitch has temporarily suspended his secondary channel.