Twitch streamer Jinny breaks down crying after announcing she’s leaving the US

Twitch streamer Jinny cries on streamTwitch: Jinnytty

Popular Twitch streamer Jinny got emotional on stream after she announced to her viewers that she would be leaving Texas, where she currently lives with fellow streamer Esfand.

28-year-old Jinny started her Twitch channel in November 2017, and since then has gone on to grow a huge following, amassing over 550,000 followers 0n Twitch.

Her fanbase is definitely loyal, and she has even been sent expensive gifts from viewers to her PO box like a Samsung Galaxy tablet, going to show how dedicated her fanbase is.

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Due to the global health situation, Jinny moved in with fellow streamer Esfand’s Texas home in March 2020, and since then the pair have been producing hours of chaotic but thoroughly entertaining content for their fans.

Twitch streamer Jinny showing the camera what a fan gifted herTwitch: Jinnytty
One viewer even gifted Jinny a brand new Samsung Galaxy tablet.

However, on a February 5 stream, Jinny announced to her viewers that she would be leaving Texas to return to Korea.

“After a lot of thinking, and a lot of discussion with Esfand and etc. I think we decided to leave. There are a few reasons why.” She said that after doing some adventure content she’s “probably gonna go back to Korea.”

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The first reason for leaving, Jinny explained, was that she and her brother didn’t come to the US to be inside all the time, with her brother moving there with the intention of going on road trips.

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“Second of all, I plan to come back in the summer, so I was gonna leave anyway by the end of February so that I can come back in summer, right?” she said, adding she has to leave now anyway due to the fact that she isn’t on a work visa.

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Her third reason for leaving is that she doesn’t want to be a “burden” to Esfand while he’s so busy. She said, “it’s not like I’m leaving forever, I’m coming back whenever things are better.”

She kept a brave face on while she explained her decision to her viewers, but Jinny eventually started tearing up. “It makes me feel sad, because things are not, like, working out. But there’s nothing I could do. I mean, all things considered, I think this is the best way.”

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After a comforting message from a viewer, that was all it took to make the streamer start crying, looking heartbroken that she’d had to leave without any concrete plan of returning in the summer as she had originally planned.

Viewers continued to send in heartfelt messages to Jinny, as she was clearly hit hard by the decision to leave.

However, it’s clear that she remains positive for the future of not just her channel, but her return to Texas, even if it isn’t what she originally had planned.

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