Mizkif left in tears after revealing heartwarming message from his house cleaner

Shay Robson
Mizkif at his streaming with tears rolling down his face

Mizkif was left in tears after sharing with his viewers a heartwarming message he received from his house cleaner who thanked the streaming star for all he’s done.

With streaming becoming bigger and bigger over the past few years, not only has it changed the lives of some of the biggest creators, but also of those around them.

It’s certainly not uncommon to see creators give back to their friends, family, and employees, as well as fans with streamers such as Adin Ross pledging to fund cancer treatments for those that are unable to afford them.

In the case of Mizkif, the 28-year-old has changed the life of his house cleaner, giving him the opportunity to buy his own home by working for him and other streamers thanks to Miz.

Mizkif tears up reading heartwarming text from his cleaner

During his July 28 live stream, Mizkif explained that while watching a movie he received a text from his cleaner JJ at 1 am. While receiving a text at that time is rather unusual in itself, the streamer further explained that during the four years that they’ve known each other, he’s never gotten a text at that time — which sparked a bit of concern.

“I got scared, did something happen to him, is he ok?” said Mizkif. “He’s never texted me in the four years I’ve known him at one in the morning. He usually just texts Synack saying pay me.”

After a few minutes and still no answer, the streamer was ready to call his cleaner where he then finally got a reply, which he read out to his viewers. “I wanted to tell you thank you a lot for all the work you gave me and referrals to friends and other streamers,” Mizkif read the text while tearing up.

“I finally bought a house, and it wouldn’t have been possible if I never got all the extra work and your the main one to have done that for me. I closed yesterday on my house and got the keys. Just wanted to say thanks.”

It’s fair to say the text not only touched Mizkif’s heart but the heart of his viewers too, who flooded the chat with kind messages. “It made me so happy… yeah, nah it was nice,” said Mizkif.