Mizkif reveals how Pokimane helped him deal with “stress” of being a Twitch streamer

Virginia Glaze

Mizkif revealed the advice Pokimane gave him to help with the constant “stress” and scrutiny that comes with being a top Twitch streamer.

Mizkif is one of the most prominent streamers on Twitch and is also a key part of major streaming org ‘OTK.’

Despite his massive online following and enviable career choice, Mizkif says that being a full-time streamer is no leisurely walk in the park.

In fact, Miz claimed that he’s constantly stressed out from being under scrutiny by so many people online — and he’s hoping to do something different with his content in the near future.

Mizkif reveals he’s “stressed & annoyed” by streaming career

On May 22, Mizkif uploaded a short Q&A video to YouTube, where he revealed that he’s often stressed out by a number of factors in his job.

From entertaining thousands of people every day to dealing with mean comments and even having a huge team of people rely on him for their paychecks, streaming isn’t the cakewalk some people might believe it to be.

“There’s a lot of stress that goes along with being a streamer, and the whole saying, ‘more money, more problems’ is true,” he explained. “As I grew OTK, as I grew more employees, it gets very stressful having a lot of people rely on you.”

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Mizkif revealed that streaming isn’t all sunshine and roses in a soul-baring Q & A video.

Luckily, he revealed that fellow streamer Pokimane gave him some sage advice for dealing with one major aspect of being a streamer: The constant scrutiny that comes with being a public figure.

“It’s very hard to really feel your self-worth at all,” he continued. “And that whirlwind of up-and-down gets very exhausting. I actually talked to Poki about this and she told me, she’s like, ‘Miz, it’s a shield you build up over time and there’s no way to stop it.’ And she’s right.”

“I’ve built up a really solid shield to not care as much about negative comments, because you start to realize who you are. And I know who I am.”

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Mizkif went on to say that he’s tired of being “stressed and annoyed” from streaming and expressed a desire to do other things with his career, including creating a podcast and moving to Los Angeles to collaborate with other creators.

Mizkif isn’t alone in thinking that streaming isn’t as fun as it seems on the outside; in fact, many content creators have had to endure large amounts of harassment both online and in real life, with more than a few becoming victims of swatting.

This is just the latest brutally honest statement to come from Mizkif after the streamer urged smaller broadcasters to stop blaming Twitch for their low viewership earlier this month.