Mike Majlak reveals if he’s the father of ex-girlfriend Lana’s baby

Mike Majlak reveals if hes the father Lana babyInstagram: lanarhoades / YouTube: IMPAULSIVE

The internet was left shell-shocked after Lana, ex-girlfriend of YouTuber and podcast co-host Mike Majlak, announced her pregnancy, with many wondering if Mike was the father of the baby.

Mike and Lana’s relationship was an unexpected and tumultuous one. The two first got together in early 2020, after Logan Paul gave her as a “gift” of sorts to Mike for his birthday.

The two stars became an official couple shortly thereafter, but broke things off in February 2021 after going off-and-on for some time.

However, on June 2, Lana announced that she was eight weeks pregnant, leaving the entire internet with a single, burning question: Was Mike the father?

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The two hadn’t been dating for a few months, and even seemed to have a strained relationship, with Lana denying that she even talks to her ex-boyfriend after Mike claimed they talked “every hour.”

Things amped up when Majlak tweeted his reaction to the news, writing in a now-deleted post, “Does anyone have a contact at the Maury show? No big deal.”

A day later, Majlak revealed if he really was the father of Lana’s baby or not — and it looks like his joke appearance on the Maury Show won’t actually be happening, after all.

Mike Majlak deleted Tweet LanaTwitter: Mike Majlak
Mike Majlak posted, then deleted, a Tweet joking about appearing on the infamous ‘Maury Show’ to determine the paternity of Lana’s baby.

During a June 3 episode of the imPaulsive podcast, Logan badgered his friend to see if he was really the father of Lana’s baby, to which Mike answered with a highly-anticipated… “No.”

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“Roughly a few months ago, me and the absolutely stunning, sweet, beautiful, great, pregnant [Lana] split up,” he explained. “During that time, I started to see other people. She also started to see someone specifically during that time. We remained friends, we continued talking. The result of her interactions with said new person resulted in a bun in the oven.”

(Topic begins at 3:00)

Majlak claims that Lana is “ecstatic” about her new baby, revealing that his ex-girlfriend had been through a miscarriage in a previous relationship and “the only thing she has ever wanted has been a kid.”

While the entire group is happy for Lana, it seems that Logan Paul was a tad disappointed about the news, claiming he’d wanted to be “uncle Logan.”

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For now, it looks like Mike and Lana won’t be on the Maury Show — even though that would have made for a truly internet-breaking episode.