Markiplier explains why he went to the hospital after disturbing selfie

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YouTube star Markiplier shocked fans after revealing he got sent to the hospital on his birthday — and shared a startling picture of himself with bloodshot eyes.

Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach is one of the most popular creators on YouTube. Best known for his gaming content, Markiplier has gone on to accrue over 35 million subscribers on the platform over the course of his decade-long career.

That’s not all; he’s also branched out into movies, creating two highly-acclaimed interactive series (one of which was nominated for an Emmy) and is currently editing his very first feature film, ‘Iron Lung.’

Since wrapping filming on the video game-inspired horror flick, Mark has finally returned to his (somewhat) regular upload schedule… but fans might have to wait a little bit for his next video to come out.

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Markiplier is one of YouTube’s most prominent gaming creators.

Markiplier shocks fans with hospital selfie on his birthday

On the evening of June 28 — Mark’s birthday (he’s a Cancer) — the YouTube star uploaded a photo of himself laying down in a hospital bed with a cloth draped over his eyes.

“You’ll never guess what I got for my birthday,” he captioned the post.

That’s not all; he also uploaded a photo of himself staring into the camera with bloodshot eyes and a busted lip, sparking some concern from fans (and, of course, some hilarious memes commemorating the occasion).

Markiplier has since clarified that he didn’t get a surgery or wasn’t seriously injured. Rather, this came about from trying to set the record for most blood in a horror movie.

“It turns out that sometimes if you go too deep in the blood this’ll happen, and you gotta go to the doctor to make sure your eyes aren’t melting out of your face.” So, according to his account, Markiplier was in rough shape from being literally covered in blood.

This tracks for his work on Iron Lung considering that the premise of the source material is a dive into a moon filled with blood. He also promised there’d be a new trailer coming soon in his update video.

Over the years, the YouTuber has been in and out of the hospital many times — most notably for intestinal blockages and “intense abdominal pain.”

In fact, Mark actually had a non-cancerous tumor on his adrenal gland prior to his career as a famous YouTube star. He claimed that the incident prompted him to pursue his passion for content creation, and it’s been off to the races ever since.

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