Markiplier’s Iron Lung movie to hit theaters: Everything we know so far

Markiplier-iron-lung-movie-everything-we-know-so-farYouTube: Markiplier

YouTube star Markiplier is directing his very first movie, Iron Lung, which is set to have a theatrical release. Here’s everything we know about the horror film thus far.

Markiplier is making the jump from YouTube to the big screen, revealing this year that he’s currently working on his very first feature film.

The YouTuber claimed that he’s writing, directing, and even starring in the movie, which — true to form — is a horror flick based on a popular video game.

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Here’s everything we know about Markiplier’s upcoming film, including its release date, premise, and more.

What is Markiplier’s Iron Lung movie about?

Markiplier’s debut film is titled ‘Iron Lung,’ and is based on a 2022 horror game of the same name.

In the game, players play as a convict tasked with exploring an ocean of blood on a desolate moon after a cataclysmic event called ‘The Quiet Rapture’ resulted in the sudden disappearance of habitable planets and stars.

All remaining human life was stationed on starships off-planet, resulting in a “crumbling” government and prompting a desperate bid for survival by searching the remaining, desolate moons — specifically, the ‘blood moon’ in the game.

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Markiplier Iron Lung movie trailer

On April 21, 2023, Mark dropped the first trailer for his movie. In the short clip, the camera shifts from a view of the interior of the submarine from the game, complete with grimy PS1-style graphics, to a real-life view of the very same submarine.

Although it’s just a short look into the project, it’s clear that Iron Lung was made with love in an attempt to recreate the game as closely as possible.

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We’ve even received a first look from the flick thanks to a photo seemingly taken on set provided by Deadline’s Ima Leupp seen in the tweet below.

When does Markiplier’s Iron Lung movie come out?

Thus far, there’s no release date listed for Iron Lung. However, Markiplier has released a few key details about its development, which he’s shared in live streams and videos with fans throughout the past few months.

He also confirmed that it will be getting a theatrical release, although the exact details about this are still unknown.

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Is Markiplier starring in his Iron Lung movie?

Yes, Markiplier is acting in his debut film. In an interview with Variety, the YouTuber revealed that he is writing, directing, and acting in the movie, and even performed “most” of his own stunts.

During a livestream on Monday, April 17, the YouTuber claimed he actually hurt his back doing a stunt that was more over-the-top than the others he’d done.

Is Iron Lung’s creator in the movie?

Mark isn’t the only major star in the film, either; in fact, Iron Lung’s creator, David Szymanski, has also been helping with the movie. According to a tweet from the developer, he’s been “heavily involved” in the flick’s production, and even has a “small cameo” in it.

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The project is still being worked on at the time of writing, and other details are sparse — but we’ll be sure to update this page with more news that comes out about Mark’s film right here at Dexerto.

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