Markiplier updates fans after surprising hospital selfie

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Markiplier in hospital after cvs debacle

YouTube star Markiplier has revealed that he’s currently being hospitalized just days after calling out CVS Pharmacy on social media over troubles refilling his prescription medication.

UPDATE 4/25/2022:

Markiplier was released from the hospital on April 23 — two days after his selfie in a hospital bed.

He posted a photo of an x-ray he’d received and let fans know that he was finally able to pass gas, although that didn’t initially clear him to leave.

That’s not all: In Space With Markiplier Part 2 was also announced, with a release date set for May 2, 2022.

Original story is as follows…

Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach is one of YouTube’s most prolific content creators.

First rising to fame in the mid 2010’s, Fischbach has since garnered over 32 million subscribers and is best known for playing horror games like Five Nights at Freddy’s on his channel.

Recently, Fischbach celebrated the long-awaited release of his anticipated ‘In Space with Markiplier’ interactive video series to great acclaim — but now, he’s unable to revel in his success due to some unexpected health complications.

On April 21, Mark uploaded a selfie that showed himself sitting in a hospital bed with what appears to be blood on his hand. “Well, this is inconvenient timing…” he captioned the photo.

Fans instantly expressed concern on Twitter, prompting the YouTuber to joke that if they watched his new series, he’d eventually tell them what prompted his latest visit to the hospital.

Why is Markiplier in the hospital?

This latest news follows Markiplier’s stern message to CVS Pharmacy merely days prior, where he expressed frustration that the company hadn’t refilled his prescription and even seemed to remove it from their system, altogether.

“You’ve been giving me nothing but trouble with getting a prescription filled for months and no one is giving me a straight answer,” he wrote. “And now this morning I found out that my prescription magically disappeared from your system. What gives?”

It’s unclear whether this issue is related to his hospitalization, and the YouTuber has yet to explain further at the time of writing.

This is far from the first time Mark has let his fans in on his health issues: in late 2020, Fischbach was rushed to the hospital over “intense abdominal pain,” and in 2015, he underwent surgery due to an intestinal blockage.

Thus far, we don’t know if a similar issue is occurring in this latest instance — but his humorous update saying doctors are “waiting with bated breath for me to fart” gives fans a hint at what’s going on.


At least he’s in good spirits.

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