Markiplier says Iron Lung movie is “officially done” in massive progress update

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star Markiplier says he’s “officially done” working on his Iron Lung movie in a major update for the film after nearly a month of sporadic activity.

Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach says he’s in the home stretch of his very first feature film, ‘Iron Lung,’ an adaptation of a 2022 indie horror game of the same name.

A year after first announcing the movie in April 2023, Mark says that he’s “officially done” working on the project, as told in a YouTube video uploaded on June 20, 2024.

“Obviously, the movie is not out, but the main sprint of what I was doing is now done,” he said. “This has been the longest run of pure work that I’ve ever done my entire life. This has been the most arduous thing that I have ever taken on.”

Although the project is now fully finished, Mark says there’s still a “lot more conversations” with people that need to happen before it releases in theaters, which he confirmed will happen.

Although he’s not sure when the theatrical release will take place, he said Iron Lung should come out in theaters “hopefully soon,” telling fans that negotiating with theaters is a very “complicated process.”

This is Mark’s latest update on the project, which he says he will “drip-feed” more information about in other videos coming out in the near future.

Despite all the hard work it took to make the movie, this is merely the tip of the iceberg for Mark, who says he has “so many ideas” for future videos thanks to all he’s learned while making Iron Lung.

This marks the latest update the YouTuber has given fans about his Iron Lung movie, which he is both starring in and directing. Mark has been heavily focused on the movie, even taking a month-long break from YouTube to finish the “final stretch” of the film in spring 2024.

Since then, he’s been uploading videos sporadically — some even from a bathtub in an AirBnB while he completed production.

Now, Mark is eager to get the movie out in theaters for fans to see… a film that he’s literally put blood, sweat, and tears into, having been hospitalized during filming after creating what he calls the “bloodiest” scene in all cinema.

Iron Lung follows the horrifying adventures of a prisoner sent to a ‘blood ocean’ on an uninhabited moon after a mass extinction event wiped out all humanity on earth. The game, initially released in 2022, has become a staple among indie horror game fans, and now it’s getting the Hollywood treatment thanks to one of the genre’s biggest proponents.