Man uses pet python snake as weapon in viral street fight

Michael Gwilliam
man uses snake as weapon in viral fight

A man is going viral for all the wrong reasons after using a pet snake to attack his opponent in a chaotic street fight.

Fighting two-vs-one or using a weapon in a fistfight is a low move, but you don’t expect to see both at the same time. That’s exactly what happened in Toronto when a man used a snake as a melee weapon.

Over the years there have been many viral brawls that took the net by storm, with plenty of bizarre objects used. We’ve seen chairs thrown in Waffle Houses, guns used to pistol-whip men and even wet floor signs, but never a pet snake.

That is, until now. A video going viral on social media shows a man using his python to whip his victim, and the man was lucky that police showed up to put an end to the attack.

Man arrested for using pet snake as weapon in weird brawl

In the footage uploaded to CrazyClips, a man can be seen constantly whipping another individual with a snake and even knocking him down with it.

After taking a few strikes with the python, a police cruiser zoomed up onto the scene with officers demanding the snake-wielding man get on the ground.

It’s not long after that when the video ends, but according to news reports, the guy using the snake was arrested for his conduct and it turns out he was going around threatening people with the animal before this fight even happened.

45-year-old Laurenio Avila was charged with assault with a weapon. It turns out he’s in trouble for his choice of weapon, too. He’s also being charged with “causing unnecessary pain or suffering to an animal.”

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time an animal has been involved in a fight. Perhaps most infamously, a giant brawl in “the world’s worst McDonald’s” featured a man pulling a raccoon out of his jacket during the chaos.

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