Hockey fan obliterated in viral two-on-one arena brawl after challenging man to fight

dallas stars fan gets knocked out by rival in viral fightTwitter/JeremyChuggs

A Dallas Stars fan got absolutely annihilated in a brawl after challenging a much bigger man to a fight in the stands.

Fights are a common sight at hockey games, given how players are allowed to drop the gloves and throw haymakers, but you don’t often see fans getting in on the action too.

In a now-viral incident, a Dallas Stars fan with a mullet got into a heated war of words with another man – and when the trash talk went too far, he paid the price with a lesson in humility.

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The fight, which took place earlier in February, has gone ultra viral, amassing over five million views. But despite the fan getting beat down, the internet isn’t having any sympathy for him.

Hockey fan gets destroyed in Dallas Stars arena melee

In footage uploaded by Twitter user ‘JeremyChuggs,’ the fan with the mullet can be seen screaming at another gentleman and challenging him to throw down.

“How about you step down here and I’ll box your a**,” the man said while getting up in his rival’s face.

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Within a moment, the other man fired off a single punch that rocked the Dallas Stars fan hard, sending him back, but not out. Seconds later, he began to grapple with his foe while a woman joined in.

Despite the brawl turning into a two-on-one, the larger man was able to hold his own and restrain the two Stars fans, similar to a recent brawl with a “real-life Undertaker” at a gas station. The mullet man was clearly taken aback, yelling about how he was hit first.

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The internet was absolutely loving it. “Not only did he get rocked, but as he’s getting pinned down, he’s being called ‘little boy’ while his mullet gets stroked,” one viewer commented.

“Like he almost got his mullet knocked clear off!” another remarked.

With so much viral humiliation, we can imagine that this fan may have considered a new hair style to avoid being recognized in the future.

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