Insane Walmart fight goes viral as over 25 people brawl in self-checkout

25 people brawl at walmart self-checkoutX/freakoutfights

A wild Walmart melee is going viral after over twenty people started fighting at the self-checkout armed with weapons – including a fire extinguisher.

Walmart’s reputation as a warzone is pretty well-known at this point, with countless fights and destruction taking place at the store… but nothing may top this brawl from a Walmart in Ferguson, Missouri.

Multi-person battle royales are always quite a spectacle. We’ve seen one man take on fifteen foes at once, groups fight it out on riverboat rides, and now, Walmart’s version of Avengers Endgame.

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A video going viral across social media shows multiple customers all fighting with each other while employees are unable to get control of the situation. Needless to say, this was the type of melee we’d normally see at a McDonald’s.

Massive Walmart brawl goes viral: What happened during the fight?

The viral clip began with two women ganging up on a smaller fighter on the ground, while multiple other people fought around them.

As the chaos ensued, another fighter picked up a bar and began threatening to hit others with it, while appearing to accuse someone of saying or do something to her mother.

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It didn’t take long for her to unleash her power, slamming another combatant with the bar before being knocked to the floor by a large man who walked out of the store shortly thereafter.

By this time, there were only a handful of skirmishes going on, and those involved began exiting the store before the police could arrive. Another video even shows a man using a fire extinguisher as a weapon as the woman with the bar left the store.

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Although the video has resurfaced, it’s actually from October 2022. Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall said the melee broke out after a smaller incident was settled by staff without the need for the cops to be called.

No injuries were reported, and it’s not clear if anyone involved ended up being arrested, even though some of the individuals involved were identified.

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