“World’s worst McDonald’s” closes after viral brawl with raccoon, over 900 police calls

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An infamous McDonald’s restaurant is finally closing down after receiving well over 1,000 calls to police over criminal activity including a viral brawl where a customer unleashed a pet raccoon.

A McDonald’s located in Canada’s capital of Ottawa will be shutting its doors for good after years of criminal complaints and debauchery taking place at the fast food joint.

The location, dubbed by many as the “world’s worst,” has seen plenty of wild stories over the years from sexual acts taking place in its washrooms, drug deals and fights between patrons.

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As CTV News reports, the police were called to the then 24-hour restaurant 800 times in 2018, prompting concerns about “ongoing criminal activity and social disorder.”

Despite the store changing its hours, in 2022 the location still had over 150 calls to cops as nefarious behavior continued to plague the area.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Customers fight with raccoon in wild McDonald’s melee

In 2013, the McDonald’s location went viral after a brawl between multiple customers was recorded on a cell phone.

Amid the chaos and haymakers, one of the patrons even pulled a raccoon out of his jacket. What the raccoon was doing getting involved in such a spectacle remains a mystery.

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The video has been viewed nearly 1M times since first being uploaded on YouTube and remains one of the craziest restaurant brawls not involving a Waffle House.

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Ex-manager reveals horror stories from McDonald’s

A few years later, a former manager for the McDonald’s held an AMA on Reddit where they revealed the most disturbing moments they experienced working at the store.

“One night, not dissuaded by the locked doors, this guy and girl went the ‘dirty-divot’ (the nook right in front of the washrooms). Via the security camera, we noticed some unusual behavior,” they said.

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“At that moment, some random tried to enter the locked bathroom. After no success at opening the door, and completely ignoring the friendly couple, started to poop right on the floor right next to them At no point did either party acknowledge the other. All three finished at about the same time, and went their separate ways.”

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The madness didn’t stop there. According to the manager, they were even threatened one night for kicking a customer out after he assaulted a woman.

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“He told me he was going to wait for me to get off work and kill me, and proceeded to wait outside the store for two hours,” the manager revealed, adding that the police couldn’t do anything about it.

“The guy came back the next day and apologized, to which I accepted. However, a week later, the same guy came back, assaulted another woman, and now he’s banned for life.”

The current McDonald’s location is scheduled for lease in the third quarter of 2023.

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