Snake hunter slammed by viewers after battling 19ft Burmese python captured in Florida

Alice Sjöberg
man wrestles world's biggest python

A snake hunter has wrestled and caught the longest Burmese python ever to be documented in Florida. The man has since been slammed by viewers who claim it’s animal abuse.

In recent years, Burmese Pythons have reportedly damaged wildlife in Florida as they do not belong in that specific ecosystem and pose a threat to native wildlife, according to USGS.

Because of this, snake hunters in the area are doing their best to capture the Burmese Pythons in order to conserve the rest of the wildlife in the area.

Some of these snake hunters, such as the Glades Boys Python Adventures have documented their snake hunting adventures. The group has now shared how they captured what ended up being the biggest Burmese python ever captured in the USA.

Snake hunters wrestle biggest snake ever found in US

The video, taken in the Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida, shows snake hunter Jake Waleri, 22, grab the 125lb python by the neck after it lunges at him with open jaws.

Waleri grapples with the python, which is as long as an adult giraffe is tall, and wrestles it to the ground as onlookers exclaim: “Oh my God! Let’s go!”

Another man asks: “Have you got tape on you? I know you carry tape,” as they subdue the female snake and wrap tape around her jaws shortly after.

They wrote on Instagram: “Here’s a longer version of the record-breaking capture video. Luckily @thepythonhuntress Amy was cruising by just as we got ahold of the snake. Getting that bite out of the equation was a huge relief when she taped up the mouth. We all feel extremely blessed to come across a python of this caliber and I want to give a big thank you to all those involved.”

In Florida, catching and killing Burmese pythons is legal as they have no natural predators.

The captured Burmese python is the longest ever found in the US, according to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. The previous record in Florida was 18ft 9in. 

Fans are hitting out at the snake hunters for animal cruelty

Even though the snake hunters have been praised for their work by some, others have been more critical, and accused them of animal cruelty.

One person wrote: “How could you all go to sleep peacefully knowing that you all murdered an exquisite animal? Humans are invasive to millions of species lets hunt humans too then? You all have no right, care to acknowledge all the concerned comments regarding the snakes killing or are you guys keep on ignoring them?”

“Leave nature alone, you stupid kids,” another said.

However, some are defending the snake hunters, with one person commenting: “Do you know how many native wildlife that had to kill to get to that size?? GREAT job guys!! Thanks for preserving our beautiful Everglades!!”

A second person said: So incredible! Awesome! Face to face with a Python like a beast! Unbelievable!”

“A win for conservation!” another person wrote.