Woman goes viral KOing man who punched her for breaking up street fight

Michael Gwilliam
woman kos man in fight

A woman is going viral for breaking up a fight and then knocking out a man who punched her for saving him.

They say no good deed goes unpunished and that couldn’t be more true going by a viral clip of a street fight where a couple of guys started throwing down.

We’ve seen dozens of brawl videos in the past ranging from parking lot melees and Waffle House smackdowns, but it’s rare to see someone break up a fight get the finishing blow.

That’s exactly what happened in a clip making waves on social media, where a wild fight broke out and someone spectating tried stepping in only to get in on the action herself.

Woman lands one-hit knock out after trying to break up fight

In a clip posted to Reddit, one man threw a bag filled with a white liquid at another man and used the distraction to start throwing punches.

However, the man who threw the bag quickly found himself on the ground getting pummeled, resulting in a woman who had been watching the scrap step in and get the two separated.

As the other man got to his feet and walked away, the combatant seemed upset at the woman for saving him and fired a punch right at her.


After tanking the shot, the woman shot right back, smashing the man with a powerful right hook that sent him backward back to the pavement with a single punch.

In the comments, users couldn’t help but poke fun at the man for biting off more than he could chew when it came to his fight opponents.

“Two ass beatings in a minute. This guy takes L’s faster than the Pistons,” one joked.

“Lol. She saves him from getting pummeled and that’s his payment? Deserves it,” another remarked.

It’s not clear where the fight took place, but the uploader on Reddit claims the altercation happened in the UK. It’s not known where or when this was filmed, but it’s since spread to social media.

This isn’t the only female brawler to go viral this year. In another clip, a woman dubbed the ‘real life Wonder Woman’ fought off twenty people at once in a massive melee.