Florida man wrestles and catches wild shark in shallow waters

Rory Teale
Shark caught

One man shocked the internet as he caught a shark on a rod and then decided to play with it in the water bare-handed and walk it like a dog.

Sharks are usually animals of absolute nightmares for most people, sporting vicious, serrated teeth, and in-water acceleration that not even humanity’s most acclaimed swimmer Michael Phelps can beat.

Not only do they look scary, but they do actually pose a serious threat to swimmers in warmer climates. While the chances are low, people have been attacked and killed by sharks in the past. In 2023 alone there were 10 shark-related deaths globally.

However, one Florida man apparently paid no attention to how scary sharks can be. Instead, he caught the feared ocean predator and then got in the water with the wild shark and released it with his bare hands.

Florida man handles Shark using only his bare hands

In an Instagram post by hoodfishing_entertainment, one man proudly showed a shark that he had caught on a Rod.

The first two photos show the man proudly holding a massive shark in his hands, with the last slide in the post showing him releasing the monstrous creature back into the water to swim back to freedom.

People could not believe what they were seeing in the final slide, as the fisher casually strode out into the water with the massive shark, playfully tugging and pulling on the Predator’s tail.

“In the water with the shark is crazy,” one person commented. “You walking him home like he ain’t got teeth,” said another.

Other people referenced the hit DC comic and movie character Aquaman, claiming that the man should have ridden the shark to the depths in an attempt to become the real-life Aquaman.

Still, despite seeing the man’s obvious comfort in handling the shark, many people admitted that it still hadn’t convinced them to go anywhere near the creatures.

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