McDonald’s becomes a warzone as customers fight employees in wild melee

Michael Gwilliam
Mcdonald's employees fight with customers over sauce

A group of McDonald’s customers weren’t lovin’ it when the restaurant turned into an all-out battle royale.

Being a fast food employee isn’t easy. We’ve seen a TikToker break down in tears after just one shift at the Golden Arches and the “World’s Worst McDonald’s” had fights involving humans and raccoons break out at the burger joint.

However, can you imagine being punched in the face over sauce? According to a viral video posted to Twitter, that’s exactly what happened when they ran out of sweet and sour sauce and things became really nasty.

In a TikTok originally posted by ‘lakeshaleach1’ and reuploaded to FightHaven, a woman walked behind the counter at the Georgia McDonald’s and began throwing hands with staff and all hell broke loose.

Ladies rumble at McDonald’s in viral fight

As the woman in red started fighting with staff, one employee resorted to using kitchen equipment (a tactic we’ve seen before) as a weapon while others fired back with attacks of their own.

Eventually, the woman who started the brawl pulled on the hair of one of the employees as she herself was being pulled by another customer toward the front of the ordering line.

In the midst of the brouhaha, the woman lost her wig and after she was finally separated from the staff, she wanted it back, but the employees wouldn’t let her have it and sprayed her with water.

With the woman and employees exchanging heated towards, the combatants started throwing buns, glasses, and other things at each other, but as that happened, two others reentered the battle.

Armed with a yellow sign, one customer tossed it at the employees while another with teal hair dropped the angry woman with some blows, eventually resulting in her leaving the restaurant.

We’ve seen some crazy battles in fast food places over the years. From Waffle House wars to coffee shop pistol-whippings, this might just take the cake for the most outrageous fight yet.

Since being uploaded on April 20, the clip has been watched over 1M times with many viewers taking the side of the employees for this altercation.