Ludwig’s record-breaking Twitch subathon hits 1 second before being saved

Twitch: Ludwig

The Twitch subathon of streamer Ludwig Aghren came heart-stoppingly close to its end on April 10, hitting one second before it was saved by a generous viewer donating subs.  

Streamer Ludwig has left large portions of the Twitch community stunned with his incredible subathon, which has been running since the 14th of March. As of the publication of this article, the stream has been live for just shy of four weeks.

Barring one moment when the stream was accidentally shut down, it has been live 24/7, even capturing Ludwig asleep. It came close to its first proper end, though, on April 10, when the stream timer (boosted upon each donation) came down to 1 second remaining.

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Ludwig was live on Twitch 24/7 for more than a fortnight.Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig’s stream is close to hitting his 31 day cap for the subathon.

As Ludwig’s timer came scarily close to the 0:00 mark, the 25-year-old wasn’t even by his streaming set up. It would have been a major anti-climax had the stream ended with Ludwig missing, but the stream was saved by one generous viewer.

Viewers were concerned for the stream’s timer as it ticked below 20 seconds, going all the way down to 1 second before viewer ‘demondog68’ donated ten subs and put the timer back up considerably.

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Ludwig even joked about the incident after returning to his stream and being filled in his by his viewers, tweeting to laugh about the near-miss.

With up to 3 days remaining on his stream, it’s looking ever more likely that he will hit his 31-day cap and call it a day there.

He is inching closer and closer to Ninja’s all-time subscription record on Twitch, set at 269,154 back in Fortnite’s prime. According to TwitchTracker, Ludwig currently boasts over 234,000 subscriptions on the streaming platform, the closest anyone has ever come to Ninja’s incredible record.

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Needless to say, this will keep rising for at least until his subathon ends. If anyone was going to manage to beat Ninja’s record, this is the time.

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